Calling all Delightful owners!


Jun 1, 2014
I've sold off almost my entire bag collection except for a few useful pieces and I'm hoping to get a Delightful with the profits. I don't live anywhere near an LV store so I rely on this forum and YouTube.

I have a DE Neverfull that I love, but I'm really wanting the hobo style of the delightful. I'm the process of selling my speedy because it just isn't that practical for me. I'm a teacher and I have a toddler so I need something big and easy to carry.

Can the delightful mm accommodate my things and the little ones? I usually keep snacks, change of clothes, and a skip hop diaper clutch with me as well as my items (wallet, pochette, phone, keys, cosmetic bag). Would I be better off trying to find a gently used GM?

I find sometimes the neverfull mm gets a little difficult to carry with all of those things.

Thank you for any guidance you could give me!!
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Jan 3, 2011
Washington DC
I'm not sure the delightful mm is much bigger than the neverfull mm. If you're having difficulty carrying a lot in the neverfull mm, maybe go for the totally mm?


Be Blessed, MoNikki
Apr 30, 2014
I have the Delightful PM and I will say it is a very light weight roomy bag. I love it and is one of my favorite bags. I would go onto the Delightful club house where you can see some pictures to help you decide.

Oh and the Delightful PM is comparable to the Neverfull MM - so I would imagine the Delightful MM is much bigger. I have a picture of the Delightful PM and the Neverfull MM side by side which I can post for you if you like. I also have the Totally MM and I say my Delightful PM has a bit more room than the Totally.


Nov 9, 2012
Bay Area
The Delightfull mm is pretty big. I'm sure it will carry all you need and then some. You may want to get the extra strap to carry it crossbody as well. You should check out delightful club thread, there are quite a few pictures. Good luck with your decision.


Aug 29, 2011
Sacramento, CA
The Delightful MM is extremely roomy. I'm not a parent, but I put my niece & nephew's things (diapers, wipes, sippy cups, change of clothes) in there when I watch them, plus the ton of stuff I carry myself and have no issue with space. The only thing that I find "problematic" is that you lose the slouch when it gets pretty full. It's a lightweight bag, which makes it ideal when carrying a lot in it.
I think you'd be great with the MM size. It's a fantastic bag. Good luck in deciding!


Jun 1, 2014
Those pics would be helpful! Thank you!

I've been trolling around the Delightful Club, I think I'm only on page 85. I saw someone that had two toddlers with the GM. I'll keep scrolling through those pics.


May 25, 2012
You'd be fine with a MM. I have the PM and it's plenty roomy and I agree with the other poster, the PM is comparable to the neverfull MM.

I posted a couple of comparison shots with my new tuileries here

And what I've contributed to the whats in my bag section of the forum

So, I really do think the MM will suit you just fine! You will love it, my pm is getting super slouchy and I love it!


Jul 23, 2010
My Delightful was my favourite bag (of about 10), I sold off my other LV bags too. The Delightful MM fits ALOT of stuff, and waaaay more comfortable to carry on the shoulder than the Neverfull. Looks nicer hanging over the should too, when full of stuff, as opposed to the Neverfull (hated those ties that cinched the bag, but never stayed close, just hung there). Its a great bag, Im almost certain you wouldn't regret buying it!


May 24, 2013
I have the Neverfull GM and the Delightful MM, I like the delightful MM since the strap is very comfy. I put all my stuff and the little one essentials and sometimes more (guilty) in it. I think it is a great bag for everyday. I cant throw it around like my neverfull GM DE, since I just got it and its still "new" but either way I heart both of them.


Nov 17, 2013
I have the Delightful MM and I love it! I think it will be sufficient for the items you need it to accommodate.


Nov 30, 2013
I have 2 boys and watch other children for a living. I just purchased a pre owned delight gm off of eBay. It has a ton of space and I love the way it slouches when things are put in it. Once it slouches it doesn't look much bigger then the mm IMO