calling all day lovers

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  1. why do you love this bag? i am looking at a day or womens besace messenger, but can a basically small bag girl(not tiny, small to medium bags) love this bag? or will i feel overwhelmed by it...i am about 5'4" medium build....will i be digging for things in the big black hole, or can i put what i need on a daily basis( cc, keys,) in one of the pockets? then there's the hardware, i really like both the SGH and the GGH, but will it make the bag alot heavier? i have searched through all the posts and have found alot of great info...just wanted to know what you guys thought on these few things...i also noticed, i maybe wrong, that the day seems to slouch more than the besace...true? if so, i guess that would make it a smaller bag than the besace??....thanks for any info!!
  2. The most elegant draping bag of all but you do have to put up with the fact that your stuff all automatically gravitates to the centre bottom. You do have to dig but it is worth it. Also one of the lighter big styles. Gorgeous!
  3. I would have to say that I really love everything about the Day style!! I'm 5'5 1/2" (though usually in 4+" heels :P) and I think the size is perfect - not overwhelming at all :nogood:! I know that some people do find this style to be sort of a "bottomless pit" but I have never had that issue - though I do always keep everything organized within my bags and never have anything just floating around loose. The internal and external pockets are also extremely useful for anything that I know I might need quick access to - keys, wallet, cell, etc. As far as the hardware, I have both and I don't find that the GH really makes that significant of a difference with the Day.
  4. i dont own a Day, but i have tried it one numerous times. my mom said it looked quite large on me and i'm 5'8" (but i'm pretty small build - 110lbs & i think it overwhelmed my size more than my height) - regardless, i still linger for one. i also think it's one of the few styles where the GH actually DOESN'T make it significantly heavier. i would definitely say the Day is slouchier than the beasace, but it is quite a large bag - the slouchiness can make it look small. it's decieving.
  5. I love the day and I am only 4'11! although usually in high heels. Because it is a north south bag, I don't think it overwhelms me at all. It is the lightest bag ever and I just love carrying it. Like others say, the stuff does go to the bottom, but the side pocket is great for the cell phone etc. It is a nice sized pocket. Mine is regular hardware but when I picked up the giant hardware in the store it still felt pretty light compared to the other styles. Go for it. You won't be sorry!
  6. I agree that I haven't had the problem of the bottomless pit because I keep things organized in cases, like my makeup bag etc. The Day has a large inside pocket that you can hold a large wallet in also or many smaller bags etc. or a small wallet and lipstick etc., so it is easy to use and get into easy. The way it sits on the shoulder is great and I think it looks nice on all heights and sizes of bodies. The basace messenger is quite bigger looking I think. The flat messenger instead is also a great size bag though. My sister uses only the flat messenger and has made it to be adjusted in length for all the way up or down in shoulder strap length by taking off the the shoulder pad. It holds a lot and is easy to wear too. The flat messenger is harder to find though. The Besace has the straps that flow into the straps and it seems to make the handbag look longer (bigger). I like the strap on the day bag and how it hugs the body nicely. But the messengers are nice for hands free use. Good luck in deciding, it is a hard decision unless you do one and then the other also.
  7. I'm 5'5" and wouldn't mind if the Day were larger. I love everything about it. Hands down, my favorite bag to carry. However, as others have mentioned, some people feel overwhelmed by the size. I don't get it, but If I were you, and you have that concern, I'd spend more time looking at photos here of girls carrying the Day, and if possible find one IRL to try on.

    There are one or two people (my sister is one of them) who complain about "boob squissage," with the Day. The top of it can be noticeable against your side, but again, I don't have that problem. To me, it's the most comfortable bag I've ever carried. It is so light, I forget I'm wearing it. Good luck!
  8. I love the Day bag! It's my favorite bbag style. I love how casual it looks. Also I prefer bags that are vertical (slimming) instead of horizontal like the City etc....hope that made sense.
  9. I never really considered the Day but when I saw one at Bal London I loved it! I'm 5'5" and medium sized and I think it looks great on me. Like with other large bags I use my MU and LV pochette to keep it somewhat organized. It does slouch nicely, and looks amazing whether you're carrying a ton of stuff or just the essentials. For me the best thing about the day is that it's so easy and comfy on my shoulder (I've heard of someone having problems with the strap though) and if you get one with nice leather there's such a huge surface to admire.
  10. It is a very comfortable bag - so light even when carrying a lot. I am about your size, too, and like others have said, I carry the MU and small coin to put makeup and other essentials in and put my keys in the inside or outside pocket. I also carry my Blackberry in the outside pocket. So, organization is the key. The bag really does not look that big to me, and I love how it drapes, too. I love a bag that you do not have to fight (like some smaller bags) to get things in and out of because they are too stiff or the opening is too small, so this one really works for me.
  11. I have yet to buy but I keep inching closer.

    I know there's one somewhere calling my name!
  12. I love the Day. I thought the City was perfect, then the PT, but I am so tired of carrying bags in the crook of my arm, or worrying about getting the handles dirty if I carry it in my hand. Once I owned a dozen city's lol. I have now sold them all and am collecting Days.

    I love the sexy slouch, the way it conforms to my body, the way the leather drapes (when it's broken inif you try a bag on in a store it may not "hang" the right way yet).

    I carry my Bal money wallet, Make up, sunglass case in the main pocket, and my keys lippies in the outer zip./ I don't find it to be a bottomless pit either. Oh and I hang my boobie (Planet) off one of the rings (closer to the end that is closed when zipped up) so I can always find my change easily.
  13. I love the Day, slouches so much & lots of leather to love. I keep everything in pouches so it is easy to fish them out of the bag. I also love the deep inside pockets for keeping loose items like keys. It is also comfy on shoulders & do not slide off & it's a great bag to sling on when you are out & about for long hours.
  14. I just recently got a black Day and it's become my favorite. I like the style much better than the City. It's got tons of room but doesn't look overly huge and it fits comfortably on my shoulder and doesn't slide off like I find a City does. Love it!

  15. ^^^ i'm totally agreed with you,Justwatchin!!..i'm 5'3 height and got 05 sky blue day,it's a roomy bag,i can use it everyday.I love this stlye!!:yes::tup: