calling all day and city users!

  1. If you own both, when/how do you use each? For what occasions/situations would you choose one style over the other? Which one do you find more comfortable and easy to carry and use?

    I love the way the city sits when I put her down on the floor. She stays upright, just kind of sinks down into herslef a bit. Does the day just flop over when you put her on the floor? I have a similarly shaped soft shoulder bag that just falls or flops over when I put her down, unless she's stuffed to the brim ...

    Also, do you ever find yourself carrying the day in the crook of your arm or in your hand or is it always on your shoulder?

    They are such different bags -- I have a city and love the handle/strap option but am eyeing up the day as a comfortable shoulder bag.
  2. hmmm...depends on the outfit sometimes one looks better than the other. For example, when I am wearing a tight top and flowing skirt the day looks awesome! I also like the day when I am wearing denim shorts and a tank top. It doesn't look so good with a bulkier top - kinda disappears. When you put the day down though, it does fold over on itself, unlike the City which slouches down perfectly center. Needless to say there is a place for both in my wardrobe! What color are you considering?
  3. Looking at vert thyme. Or mogano -- still love that colour.
  4. If you are considering a Day, I would definitely go for it! It is amazing the way it hugs your body and is so comfortable. I have a Black Day and I tend to wear it anytime I need a more casual looking black bag, but even with it's more "casual" look it is very
    versatile - I have worn it with everything from a tank top and jeans to Juicy fleece hoodies to sweaters and black 4" heeled boots. Most of the time it is carried on my shoulder, but sometimes it makes it's way down to the crook of my arm. As far as choosing when to carry a Day vs. when to carry a City, it really just depends on my outfit and my mood!
  5. I love the way the city sits down so neatly when you put her down. That was a pleasant surprise, didn't expect it.

    I really like the bag, great size, love having handles and shoulder strap, it's easy to find things inside it ... but I'm discovering that for me the city is not the most comfortable bag to carry on my shoulder. It's OK and I suspect it will get easier/more comfortable as the bag breaks in.

    I love carrying bags across the body when I'm out all day, it's probably the most comfortable way for me. I'm 5'10" so I can't do this with the city -- perhaps the part time would be a good option too? Although I'm not even sure that strap is long enough to carry cross body. I do like the handles and strap option, this works well for me.
  6. If you like a bag that you can carry across the body, perhaps a Messenger would be a good choice?
  7. Yes, although it might be a bit small for me. They are flat, aren't they?

    I'm also trying to get away from that type of bag -- have carried bags cross body for years now and am exploring handles and shoulder straps. Not sure if it's a matter of old habits die hard or whether for me it really is best to carry a bag that way. Cross body certainly doesn't work with all outfits and I'm trying to vary my look a bit more.
  8. The day is definately comfortable on the shoulder for long periods of time! I have taken it to a concert where I didn't put it down even once for hours and hours! It is definately bag of choice for this type of situation. Here's an action photo of that day with my day!
  9. Is the strap on the day exactly the same as the handles on the city or is it a thicker, softer version? Thanks.
  10. The RH Day is seriously the most comfortable bag ever. You can barely even tell it's there. But it's not a bag I'll use during the week when I carry all my junk with me because it tends to be a black hole. I like to take it out shopping when I've just got basically my wallet and keys. I can't stand to be fishing around for stuff in it. But, it looks sooooooooooo cute on!
  11. The single day strap is similar design, but with GH it is a little bit thicker (double whipstitching). The strap on my day got soft much faster than on my city or work - maybe because it is longer? Or maybe because it was so darn hot the day in the photo when I took her out for her maiden voyage!!!
  12. I love the Day! I have both a City and a Day and the Day is more comfortable to carry because it fits over your shoulder with room to spare. If you aren't going to have free hands, it's a great no fuss bag to put on. The shape is very slimming and it even slims me with my Middle Eastern huge butt/hips situation.

    The City...everyone has to have a black city and that's why I own one. It's a great bag, fits a lot (the Day holds more though) and the City will not fit over my shoulder comfortably. If I'm wearing a jacket, forget about it, it's a in the crook or in the hand bag.

    Both bags are great, but I love the Day so much. I cried when I found out I couldn't get a Pine GGH Day (they only made ONE and a lucky tPFer has it, she's awesome so I don't begrudge her at all) and I had to get the Hobo instead. Hobo is like the Day except that it's crescent shaped and smaller. So if you're averse to the bigger size of the Day, the Hobo is a great option as well. HTH!
  13. ^^ They only made ONE pine day with GGH????????
  14. i like the day as a casual bag as it's slouchier. better on the shoulder too!
  15. I was wondering of the day is like a bottomless pit. It certainly looks a more difficult shape to locate things in.