Calling all dark gold reissue owners!!! Please help...

  1. Does anyone know the color code for dark gold? My reissue just arrived today, but i want to reconfirm the color...

    The tag on my bag reads

    A30225 Y04371

  2. It's the wrong bag!!!! I just said for color: Gold Col!!!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  3. evychew, I can't remember the numbers but it do say Dark Gold on mine.. What did they get for you??

    Post some pics... I'm going to post mine in a few minutes..
  4. it says Dark gold? Mine said Gold!

    I can't believe the SA messed up like that!!! I had gotten my hopes up, and now I'm so disappointed.
  5. Yes, it says DK Gold on my tag.. I'm sorry to hear that evychew!! I know how long you wanted for this bag.. Is there anyway you can return it to the SA who sent you this bag??
  6. ya, it will be definitely be returned. i'm still half hoping that maybe it's a mistake.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. eekz! sorry it's soo big...I don't know how to resize!

    But ya, it's sooo shiny! it can't possibly be the dark gold.
  9. If it's too shiny, then it's not the dark gold evychew.. Mine was not shiny at all. :sad: just more of a bronze color after all. :biggrin:
  10. Here's the true color of mine..
  11. i feel like i'm having a chanel breakdown. lol :crybaby:

    Oh Rica, it's stunning!!! and I thought we would be reissue twins! :sad:
  12. Evelyn, that must be a total bummer for you! :tdown:
    Did you already call your SA to tell it's the wrong one?
  13. Nathalie, not yet...I just found out a little over an hour ago. i think its past midnight where she is at.

    She must have mistaken the gold for dark gold. Although, I clearly AND repeatedly specified i want dark gold, it looks like such and such, it doesn't look like gold aluminium foil etc. I don't know what to do now!!! I guess there isn't much for me to do...
  14. OK, so you're out of the US right now?
    I think you have to tell her/him anyway about the mistake that was made and ask if you can exchange the reissue when you get back to the US.
  15. I'm out of the country right now, but my boyfriend is still back in the states. I had the bag shipped to his place so he will get it returned for me. I pretty sure I won't be able to exchange -- the dark gold reissue is sold out everywhere! :sad: