Calling all Damier Azur speedy 30 owners

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  1. Does anyone know whether the Damier Azur 30 is supposed to have the "30" heat stamp? I have a monogram 30 speedy that used to have the "30" heatstamp on the leaf. But I just noticed that my damier azur that I bought from an LV boutique does not have one. Did they stop heatstamping the leafs on the newer bags or just the damier azur? Could you please check yours for the 30" heatstamp? Thanks!
  2. Mine has a very small 30 stamped on the leaf, it was made in France and came from Eluxury. I did get mine when they first were released, and I don't know if they're still stamping. :smile:
  3. Mine is stamped, hard too see though. I'm sure if you look in a bright light you'll see it.
  4. I think they fade a bit after wear, I do believe? Just by the way the material is made on the back, KWIM?
  5. Mine has the 30 on the back of the tab...
  6. Mine has the 30 stamped on it and the datecode is SD2087 whatever that means, I know it means made in '07 but I don't understand the rest, since they changed it to week instead of month at some point.
  7. My WC 35 doesn't have the stamp either?

    If you bought it from a boutique I wouldn't worry too much...
  8. mine has... but dont worry if you bought it from boutique
  9. Mine is stamped, its pretty hard to read though..
  10. Mine is also stamped but it's fading.
  11. mine is stamped too... I bought it a year ago...
  12. mine is stamped. so is my azur 25.
  13. I can't find it on my Damier 25. Where exacly should it be?
  14. it should be on the underside of the leaf.
  15. Not that good at english, it the leaf the ones on the side where it says made in france?