~~~ Calling all Crimson patent shoulder bag owners ~~~

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  1. Is the patent leather on your bag completely smooth all the way around? On my bag, there are some sections where the patent feels like crinkle patent. The shine is even all over though. I'm wondering if this is normal.
  2. Thats funny because I inspect my bags like a hawk! My friend has the large crimson sophia patent bag and hers is the exact same... my patent is pretty smooth for the most part, but there are little areas were there is a little bit of crinkled patent like your noticing on yours... I think this is normal :biggrin:
  3. Same here. Nothing that detracts from the bag's appearance.;)
  4. Same here...still beautiful with the crinkle.
  5. Ok, good to know. I was worried it may be defective. If it was, I wanted to make sure I was able to get a replacement before they were all gone.
  6. Just an FYI... Patent leather can and may crinkle over time depending on several factors such as the thickness of the leather and how often it gets folded or bent. The crinkling isn't a defect or fault in the leather - it is how the leather wears.

    I hope you all enjoy the beautiful crimson patent bags. I definitely enjoy mine!