Calling All Creative People!

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  1. I'm having a brain freeze in regards to creativity. Maybe some of you guys and gals have some...Twinkle.Tink, Merika???

    For one of my grad classes I have a small group and we're doing a presentation. We have lots of activities and such planned to make it interative. My segment is on intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship (related to nursing) I have a powerpoint that will take a few minutes to discuss. I wanted to have an activity that would be interesting afterwards to review. Only thing I can think of would be a powerpoint version of jeopardy...but I'm not sure I have enough info that people would remember for something like that. Any other activities anyone could recommend that would take 20 minutes at most?? Believe me, I'm trying here, and no inspiration has happened yet! lol:wtf:

    Any ideas???
  2. hmm .. what about a variation on DEAL or NO DEAL? since it's such a popular game at the moment .. i know they don't ask questions on the game .. but u could incoroporate questions into the mix and have the cases and everything ..

    .. just a thought! hope i sparked something creative in ya! haha! good luck! :biggrin:

    ok .. i got another idea as i'm thinking, lol! have u seen the game show CHAIN REACTION? i think u have to have special cable to get it .. but anyway .. in case u haven't seen it .. they start with one word at the beginning and one word at the end .. and there's like six words in between that have to link the chain .. so for example ..
    BABY [ first word .. ]
    ? .. clothes
    ? .. designer
    PURSES [ last word .. ]
    ( u give them the first and last word .. and they have to guess the next word in the link until u get to the bottom ..)

    i don't know if that will necessarily work for what u have to do .. but it might be an easy way for people to remember words .. and a fun game too!

    haha! hope i didn't confuse u!

    again .. good luck! :biggrin:
  3. Bingo in the shortest version (single)- but the winner needs to define all terms correctly
  4. It was lovely of you to remember me, but I'll have to think a little bit on this one as nothing comes to mind immediately (it's past midnight EST and I'm sorta falling asleep).
  5. hey gal, but do you have a more concrete idea of how the game should link up with your entrepreneurship idea?

    i think it should have a close tie in to bring out the points you're talking about vs just having a game
  6. bubble..I was hoping to have something where people could distinguish between entreprenuer and intraprenuer like a this vs. that type of game or something. All of our activities that go with the content of the lecture are supposed to get people remembering the ideas or interacting with them. That's why I'm hesitant to do bingo, and jeopardy is something that is sooooooo overdone in presentations. And case studies wouldn't necessarily go with this topic and could take up more time than I like. Our presentation is 2 and a half hours and I'd like my portion to have a 10 to 15 minute activity.
  7. AH!

    i think you pretty much have an idea there yourself...

    how about splitting the class into 2 teams.
    each team sends one person up
    and you present an idea/word/business
    the person up there flashes the entrepreneur or intrapreneur sign (they have both signs) based on the idea/word/business you have described

    they get a point for each correct answer

    u can play around with the scoring system...
  8. or you have 2 teams categorized as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

    again they each send a person up.

    you give a keyword or idea and each one tells you how they would execute that idea based on whether they are suppose to be an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

    that way the class gets to compare and contrast the different approaches to the same keyword/idea/topic...
  9. we did a 'talk show', the host opened the show with the apprentice song, it was hilarious! we are dressed different from the others (like CEO's, singers, etc.) we all had different personalities, etc. Host started interviewing each participant, asking diff. questions and stuff. I was funny! after that, the host concluded with a message for a audience.
  10. Thanks so much for the ideas. I'm usually a very creative person but I have so many projects I'm working on I just sorta hit a block. I shall get back to executing these ideas now. Thanks again!
  11. The two teams sounds great. Think of Donald Trump's show and how they had something to do against the other team, maybe a leader. See if people can get along and work together?