Calling All Craie/Swift Owners

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Today I have been offered a Kelly bag in size 25cm in Craie color in swift leather with gold hardware.
    If I get this bag, this would be my first kelly bag. I have been hunting for a 28/32cm in a more subtle color but this was the offer.

    I do not own any swift leather in bags so I do not know how they hold up.
    I am pretty particular about how my bags hold up so I definitely prefer epsom or togo but I am not sure how swift hold up in a small bag like the 25cm.

    Also is color transfer a big issue for craie color?

    I would greatly appreciate comments so that I can decide to get this bag or not.
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  2. #2 Jul 19, 2016
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    Swift is a smooth, soft, supple leather. It doesn't hold shape well without a purse organizer. Even then, it will slouch eventually even in 25... it's not like epsom AT ALL. Not even like Togo. It also can be scratched easily by fingernail. Color craie is very light so transfer can happen easily too. I would jump on this bag but that is bc I have other bags first. I would not choose this for first Kelly at all. I just got k28 black togo and it is perfection. I would wait dear. It will be worth it.... k28 is perfect size and dark color is worry free.... just my opinion.
  3. I personally love swift and most of my bags are in swift. Yes it is less firm than Epsom or Togo but I do not necessarily think that is a bad thing unless you want a very structured bag. The leather itself may scratch but most scratches can be easily rubbed away. The leather is actually very durable and holds up to my 3 and 5-year old daughters playing with them. I accidentally dropped my B30 and it slid on a parking lot on a rainy day and the leather held up very well with almost no sign of damage. You should make the decision more on whether you like the color because I think that the leather is great. :smile:
  4. Hmmm it seems like I will have to retry this bag in person. When I went to see the bag, it stood its shape but felt extremely buttery smooth. But hearing about the color transfer issue may make me back out of this offer as I do not like to baby my bags. Also 25 seems a bit impractical. I would probably only use it for special occasions which is a shame.
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  5. Stay focus
    Pass this
    Its not what you are looking for
    Totally wrong specs for your first k
    Your dream k will come

    Unless you want add this extra to your collection
  6. This is a beautiful Kelly but it is not a workhorse bag.
    You will likely be happier if you wait for something in a larger size and a darker color.
  7. Love Swift, fabulous, refurbish-able leather and love Craie, such a beautiful colour, on a K25 a mouthwatering and very desirable piece but this isn't going to be a workhorse bag at all for most. If you're thinking about only getting the one you may have to pass, if you love Kellys and can see see yourself with a couple, this would make a stunning occasion bag.
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  8. It seems that it didn't make yr heart sing the first time u saw her. So personally that be a sign for me that u don't love the bag. Its an expensive purchase. I would not take this as a first K but would go for a darker color or at least the type of leather u do love.

    Go see the bag again and who knows maybe yr SA might have another 1 you'd love!
    Good luck!
  9. I have the exact same Kelly in Togo. I never baby my bags but I seldom use this Kelly worrying that it will be stained - I'm an extremely careless person
    As for swift, it's buttery soft and feels so lux. It's my favorite H leather and I have 2 birkins 25/30 and a Kelly 32 in swift. For clutches like jige and KP, I'll only take swift.
    I don't think I'm of any help here ... If you have other darker colors H bags that you use often, please consider buying this Kelly as a special occasion bag. If you want a workhorse, maybe get one in darker color . Swift is not an issue, I'm more worried about light colors.
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  10. I would not get this as a workhorse Kelly since the color is delicate in swift, so it's more like a special occasion bag imho.
  11. Uggh! I would probably buy it. I am so weak. However my first K I got recently and is a 28, in a bright red. But if this is only I would pass if I were you. I have Lindy in swift. I think swift is amazingly soft and beautiful, however can't speak to longevity as I have had it such a short period of time. Good Luck deciding.
  12. I have this EXACT bag and its a grail! GEEEETTTTTT ITTTTTTT!!
    This is a special bag. Rare and really worth having in a collection. I'm biased but this combo is soelegant and in that small size it is remarkable.
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  13. If this K is your 1st K, you must wait for another one. I am scared the color transfer but the size, leather and hardware are good.
  14. Swift is my second-favorite leather, next to Box. It shows all the colors very well.
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  15. I would jump on this bag in a hot minute. Swift is hardy and color transfer is not the bag's fault, it's from the clothing. You would probably not wear this bag all the time so it would barely be an issue as long as you didn't pair it with dark denim or certain dyed fabrics. As others have said, it shouldn't be your "only" or a workhorse but even if you have at least one more planned, it's a beautiful addition.