Calling all Coussin GM owners .......

  1. Thoughts and opinions please...
    thanks in advance:tup:
  2. I've loved this bag since I first saw it. Never ended up getting one though and haven't seen one in the store for a long time. When it first came out I tried it in the store and had some issues with the zipper around the corner areas. Did love the inside, the shoulder drop, the shape.
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  4. I LOVE this bag but it is very, very small (for me anyways). Have you seen it IRL? I was shocked when I saw it as I thought it would be bigger. If you are a small bag girl, it is super duper cute!
  5. I had this bag and loved it. i would use it over the weekends since i carried lots of stuff in it. This bag is cute... and its a great shoulder bag
  6. I had it but sold it. it was too flat looking for me and never stayed on my shoulder. both straps always fell off. when I did use it, I carried it on my arm.
  7. thanks ladies :biggrin:
  8. I have this bag and love the thin straps and cute pillow shape. It holds quite a bit for me. I like the pocket on the outside:tup:
  9. Kinda OT, but this bag reminds me of those Koala cookies:

  10. Just bought my first Louis Vuitton and picked the Coussin, I absolutely love this bag,,,,it looks very small but holds alot, its my weekend bag of choice