Calling All Coffers............!!!

  1. I think that I have found another discrepancy with the fake Coffers from the authentics. I've noticed that the front pocket snaps on the front pockets of the authentics have no writing or marks of any kind on the undersides (I have 4 authentic Coffers). The fakes (my cousin bought 2) both have some sort of writing/marks on them. I am asking that anyone with authentics and/or fakes take a look at theirs and tell us what theirs look like. I will try to get a hold of my cousin's bags and post pics of hers and mine.

    I'm just really tired of this style of bag being sold as authentic. I know that the Lampo zipper is no longer an indication of authenticity any more and the "Made in Turkey" tag is now being sewn into the pocket as well. It won't be long that the networks in the braided handle will be copied as well as the front flap length. I've found that the only other real way to authenticate the Coffer is by feeling the leather. The authentics are firm leather whereas the fakes seem to be "smooshy".

    Hope this helps and I sure would appreciate responses on the snaps.....................:idea:
  2. yes i just checked my 2 coffer from Saks and Nordstrom, you are right the front snap has nothing engraved on it.

  3. Thanks for responding LaLa06. Now, just to be sure that we're clear.......there are no markings on the underside of the snaps, right? I am going to try to post pictures to be more clear. Thanks again.....:borg:
  4. Oh, it'd be good to see the pics. It's horrible that fakes are looking more and more like the real things now. Very scary.....:s:shocked: