CALLING ALL COFFERS (again)............!!!

  1. As I peruse the seemingly never-ending list of fake Coffers on eBay, I consistently come across black coffers with brown linings. Does anyone with a black coffer have one with a brown lining? I've yet to see an authentic one with a brown lining. :confused1:
  2. mine is all black inside and out :biggrin:
  3. No brown lining here either! All black for mine :yes:
  4. Hmmmm, could it be that we have found yet another way to identify those pesky fakes? :graucho: Hopefully others with black Coffers will chime in so that we can be sure. Let's wait and see..............:popcorn:
  5. hmm maybe...great point miu2 how is the lining for your other coffers lining?

  6. Yap, thats right!
  7. Mine is black inside too :tup:
  8. The black has black lining, the Camello and suede both have brown lining, the ivory has tan lining and the plum has black lining. Seems like Miu Miu coordinates the linings with the outer colors of the bag doesn't it? Brown lining in a black bag just seems odd to me. I think we may have come on to something here girls ......... hopefully a few more Coffer girls will post. :yes:
  9. Plum with black lining
  10. yeah brown lining seems odd with black coffer
  11. Exactly!! I do believe we are onto something here..............:busted

  12. hehehe def.
  13. mine is black
  14. what about authentic red leather coffer, what color of lining does it have? anybody know?
  15. Not sure. Although I know someone from here has one. I'll look for that post and pm her. :yes: