Calling all Coffer girls - does your clasp squeak??

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  1. I've been using my new black Miu Miu coffer for about a week and I've noticed that the metal clasp (the bit that fastens it) is squeaking really badly. It's where the two bits of metal are hinged on the clasp. I know I'm fussy but when you've paid £700 for a bag, you don't expect it to squeak! Has anyone else had this problem???
  2. Sarajane... No! Oh my, squeaking!? Sounds like your hinges need some oiling. (Tin Man comes to mind!) Maybe get a recommendation from a reputable hardware store... I'm thinking something on a Q-tip, rubbed in verrrrrrry carefully with lots of paper towels protecting the leather... ?
  3. Definitely an oil job - dreading doing it but the squeaking is reaaaallly loud.
  4. Do you have DW-40 by you? If so, dab some on a Q-tip and give it a go!
  5. I'm rummaging around in the garage for the WD40 - if that doesn't work, nothing will. Will keep you posted on how my engineering goes!
  6. Use a Q-Tip!! :smile:
  7. Minette - haven't plucked up the courage to do it. Honestly I'm really peeved - if you hold the bag and give it a gentle shake it sounds like a rusty old garage door moving! I'm heading back to the store to have a little chat.......
  8. Sarajane -- good idea, go back to the store... and let them deal with it. I'd be annoyed too -- it's a lot of money for a squeaker!
  9. Well I'm back. They weren't that helpful but I stood my ground and they going to sort it out. I certainly don't expect a £700 to squeak.