calling all coco owners!!!

  1. Is it me, or is this a really heavy bag? (I have the leather)... it just seems, even without my stuff in it, it's quite heavy. Don't get me wrong, I adore it, am keeping it for sure, and have already been carrying it, but was just wondering if anyone else felt the same.
  2. The vinyl does not seem to be heavy, I bet the leather could be heavier.
  3. the leather doesn't seem heavy to me but I tend to carry big bags so my perspective may be skewed and I have been lifting weights lately and eating my Wheaties :lol:
  4. I also tend to usually carry larger bags so I don't really notice that it's heavy. But, the vinyl is definitely lighter! Either way, it's a great bag!:yes:
  5. the vinyl is light as a feather and the leather is a bit heavier...but nothing that i found to be noticable (like chloe paddington heavy). I do think the Chloes are heavy, but I love the look so that hasn't stopped me!!
  6. It is a bit heavy, but not bothersome.
  7. I think my grand shopping tote is so much heavier!! I learned not to carry that bag on long shopping trips!
  8. I just got my coco handle this week. I tried to put stuffs in and it's not that heavy. But I'm still have g a second thought on the durability of the caviar since it's a soft caviar. I haven't seen anybody in you tube doing the wear and tear of the coco handle