Calling all Coach pros~ Legacy Mandy in black or whiskey....?

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  1. I really, really like the Legacy Mandy in Whiskey. But I am afraid of the scratching that is inevitable. :sweatdrop: Can I have some feedback from those of you that have a bag in this color leather?

    Can the scratches be rubbed out pretty well? Why can't their moisturizer be used on this particular leather?

    Also, for those of you who like it in black, how do you feel about the contrast stitching detail?

    Also, is this a limited edition bag, or will it be around for a while in the stores?

    All opinions and comments needed!
    And quick! :graucho:
    TIA!! :yes:
  2. I have to say Whiskey because I have the Legacy ZIp Top in Whiskey all wrapped for Xmas, I have so many black bags I wanted to try something different....BTW Black is all that is left at my local Coach store, Whiskey sold out, so that tells me people really like the color.

  3. I don't know if the Legacy is limited, but it's selling quickly.

    Scratching is absolutely inevitable.

    I don't know why the moisturizer can't be used, but I called COACH yesterday morning to confirm, and she said that it can be used, but at your own discretion. She didn't recommend it, but said if it was done, to spot test it somewhere discreetly, and if it works out, then basically do what you want. I didn't, and I doubt I will. I know the scratches lend to the vintage feel, but i don't know how I feel about it.

    Personally I love the Whiskey...I have the Whiskey Ali & Wristlet and love the's so different from other shades of brown, and it's gorgeous.
  4. i liked the color of the whiskey better, but ended up buying the satchel in black mainly because it seemed more practical (i think the whiskey would have clashed or looked out of place with most of my work clothes) and i didn't like the way the store models in whiskey looked worn.

    i have not regretted the decision for one second. i've gotten all sorts of compliments on the bag and the black does not show scratches at all. as for the contrast stitching, i personally like it, but i guess it's a matter of taste.

    just my opinion, but i'm loving the black.
  5. This is exactly how I am feeling. :s I love the whiskey....but after I carry it for a few weeks, how am I going to feel about the scratching? :confused1: I recently got the Kale Utility Carryall XL in chesnut, and it has the vintage type leather as well. I keep putting my Brahmin moisturizer on it to get rid of the scratches. :P

    I would like to get a lot of use out of it, of course. Do you wear your black even if you are not wearing black shoes/belt?

    I think my only aversion to the black is because before I got into more of a variety of bags in the past two years, all I ever bought was black Coach bags. After that, and realizing that I can have more than one bag at a time, I branched out with colors. I always just trusted myself with black because it was my everyday bag. I never changed. :shame:

    So, although I do love the black as well, I think that is why I am hesitating.

    I think I see a trip to the Coach store again today to take another look. :yahoo:
  6. Oh no!! :sad:
  8. i say whiskey ! and if it scratches then it give the purse charm & character !

  9. i bought the ali in whiskey, and it is getting scratched but i think it adds character to the bag, i'm loving the worn in look. so i guess it's to each their own!
  10. oh i posted pics of my ali modeling it in my bag showcase thread....
  11. I like the Whiskey a-lot better, the leather is gorgeous! I love the worn look it has to it.
  12. Although I'm typically very OCD about matching my bags to my outfits, this bag is awesome b/c you can carry it with dark brown as well as black. something about the way the leather is worn on it works with both black and brown. at least, i think it does.

    others may disagree...
  13. I took a good long look at the Whiskey today. The floor model had lots of scratches...but it did still look good! :love:

    Plus, I talked to hubby on the way to the store and told him my dilemma. He about shot me when I told him I was considering the black...when that is all that I have ever bought from Coach before. He loved the Whiskey when we saw it at the Walnut Creek Coach this past weekend...and since he is buying it for me for Christmas....Whiskey it shall be. :yahoo:

    I ordered two from the factory through the I can choose which Whiskey I like better. :P
  14. I ordered two from the factory through the I can choose which Whiskey I like better. :P[/quote]


  15. I have the Mandy in Whiskey and love it. The scratches don't bother me, I think it just adds to the look of the bag. Gives it some character, if you will.

    Congrats on your purchase! You're gonna love it!