Calling all Coach experts...

  1. Did the Chelsea 06 optic hobos come in all 3 sizes?? Or just the medium and large ??? TIA! Lets see who answers first...I'm timing you guys! LOL :graucho::roflmfao:
  2. anyone?:confused1:
  3. I'm not sure but I think they only came/come in Med and Lg. Maybe someone else knows????
  4. thanks nolarice! maybe someone else will chime in to verify....

    second the 06 optic hobos have a shorter height than the 07's? The 07's are the same height as width but I'm not sure the 06's are?? Maybe this is whats throwing me off?? TIA if anyone knows!!:yes:
  5. My friend definitly has an 06 optic hobo in the small size. I dont know about the regular signature though.
  6. I had two of these last year in medium, and one in large. IMO the sizes are pretty much the same. This years shape is taller, whereas last years shape is more squattier...if THAT makes sense!!!!
  7. Oh, thank you!!!
  8. ok..I'm not going crazy! I thought the 06 looked shorter than the 07's! Also...the one I'm trying to figure out looks a lot smaller than the regular medium size. Thats why I thought maybe the 06 chelsea optic might have come in small as well as med/large... thank you!
  9. What's the style number of the one you are trying to figure out?