Calling All Coach Ergo Magazine Tote Owners!!!

  1. Hi Everyone! First time i'm doing this, but what the heck--

    I'm very interested in the COACH ergo magazine tote, but here are my concerns before i buy it. Is it heavy? I have back problems so this is very important. I know the COACH vintage leather is a little heavier.

    Second, when wearing a heavy jacket, is there enough room to carry it on your shoulder?

    The bummer of it all is i recently bought the Large Bleeker Flap in wine, that i will have to part with because the hardware really weighs the bag down. Hope someone can enlighten me!

    Take care and look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Great question. I don't have the answer to the magazine tote,but I have the same problem. I just got the bleecker leather small zip top hobo in wine. It fits alot more than I thought it would and it is very light and comfortable. You might want to try that one on and put your stuff in it to see if it would work for you. I really wanted something in wine and was pleasantly surprized by the small hobo.
  3. My Coach Ergo magazine tote is in vintage leather and I weighed it today with all my stuff in, it was 3lbs and 9 oz. It doesn't feel that heavy when on as the strap is short and helps distribute the weight evenly. I measured the drop and it's 8 3/4", same as the Ergo magazine tote in lightweight leather. I was able to fit my tote over my shoulder with a fleece jacket today with enough room to spare. So i am presuming the other Ergo totes would fit well, too. For reference I am 4'11" 99 lbs. Hope that helps a little!
  4. Finally someone who understands my pain! I had to sell my Lily satchel on eBay as after carrying it for 1 day I was in so much pain. I have the large ergo magazine tote and love it. Its not that bad. I can actualy carry it (providing I don't throw my laptop in it...ha ha). After carrying it for a few days in a row my back does get a little sore but I have been walking to work so I assume thats part of the problem. As far as coach totes / leather bags go I have owned many and feel like its one of the lighter ones. If you are still concerned go for a signature one. The signature stuff is a hair lighter. I just bought the bleecker shopper in signature and I am only on day one with it but I think its going to be ok...its not as big as the ergo tote though.