Calling all Coach addicts, calling all Coach addicts...

  1. Okay ladies -- please help me! My employer gives Coach bags as a reward for meeting sales goals! Yay!!!!

    I found this out in January so of course all year I have been obsessing on the website they have set up to decide which one to choose. Well, you guessed it, now it's time to pick and I just cannot make up my mind!!!

    Just so you know, I am not leaning toward sig or leather either way.....I do have to admit, I wanted the black large hobo originally, then decided on the tobacco duffle, now I am thinking black sig stripe tote.....Arrrgh! See my hang up here? Oh I hope ya'll don't think I'm crazy!

    Would you mind letting me know which of the following bags YOU would choose?

    [​IMG] in tobacco leather or...
    [​IMG] in black sig or...
    [​IMG]in black sig ????

    OR, I could choose both of these two....

    [​IMG] this is small black sig soho AND
    [​IMG] this is legacy sig in black....would this wristlet even fit in the small hobo??

    Oh I am so excited! Thanks so much you guys! :happydance:
  2. Pictures of what you're looking at would help...but I really love the tobacco leather. I have a top handle pouch in tobacco and I'm kind of in love. Is it Legacy leather?
  3. If it is free, I would choose something that you covet but wouldn't be able to spend your own money on.
  4. Oh sorry, the pics are showing up are my side, can anybody else see them?
  5. Nope, pics aren't showing up either. Perhaps save the pics to your computer and upload them to a site like ;)
  6. Oh darn, okay hang on a sec, I'll get them posted right away. Sorry again! (Oh I am dying to know what you guys think....)
  7. Hope these photos show up!

    Bags are in order as follows...

    * Medium Soft Duffle in Tobacco leather (I do not think it is vintage leather though)

    * Large Soho Hobo in black sig

    * Medium Sig Stripe Tote in black

    *Or I could get BOTH the Small Soho Hobo in black sig AND the Legacy sig wristlet....

    What would each of you choose?:confused1:

    Thanks so much for your input!
    MedSoftDuffle.jpg SohoHoboLgBlackSig.jpg MedSigStripeToteBlk.jpg SohoSigBlackHoboSmall.jpg LegacyBlkSigWristlet.jpg
  8. i hav the medium duffle in tobacco and an XL duffle in black that looks just like that! it is WONDERFUL!!
  9. I think they are all great.. if you have no preference, maybe choose what is worth more? :confused1: I dont' know about the other but I know that leather duffle ( a great bag btw) has been at the outlets and on eBay for less, not sure about the others. Good luck, I don't think you can go wrong with those choices, AND it's free!!!! :tup: :yahoo:
  10. I need a job there!!! I'd get the med sig stripe tote.
  11. I really like the signature tote the most. What a nice employer!
  12. I would go with the small hobo and the Legacy wristlet.
  13. The sig tote...hands down :yes:
  14. Just curious though since one of those bags seems to be no longer in the Coach website, does your company have a stock of these Coach bags handy already for giving?
  15. I like the tote best. I think its the nicest looking and most practical.