Calling all clutch lovers!!!

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  1. I have been eyeing the Kelly longe and the pouchettes. They are so lovely...but I was wondering, do any of you use it daily? I like to have a "portfolio of H bags" that I like to "rotate", so each bag gets used!!! So chime in here....#1) What do you change into from your normal wallet, if your wallet does not fit into the longe or pouchette?? My kelly wallet doesn't really fit as the buckle bulges..#2) What is your current H bag rotation? :upsidedown:
  2. I have a JPG KP, but it's not something I use daily since I'm usually with a small child. It's something I use on date nights out with DH. My vertical Azap wallet will fit in there, but I have a passport/card case (the Volga) that I put in there with my ID, a credit card or two, and some bills for an evening out. I throw in a cell phone, some mints, Kleenex, lipgloss and a teeny mirror and comb and I'm good to go. I'd love to add a Medor down the road when my hands/arms don't need to be free.

    My current rotation consists of Kellys, Birkins, the Lindy, and GPTs; retourne Kellys get a lot more use as does the Lindy due to the shoulder strap for everyday use. GPT in toile/black is my favorite for summer family outings.
  3. Orchids, thanks for the info!!! I'll go and check out the Volga. Ilove your avatar!! so nice to see all the colors!!
  4. yeah orchids avatar is droolworthy!!
  5. I have a couple of Kelly Pochettes, one in evercalf and one in lizard. The lizard I use for dressy evenings. The evercalf I use for both casual and dressy, day and night.
    I also have a Kelly Longue, and in my opinion the Kelly Pochette is easier to use. (But this may have something to do also with the fact that my Kelly Longue is in parchment color.) I like the Kelly Longue for dressy daytime like nice lunches. I find that the Kelly Pochette is easier to carry, to take the ladies' room, to hang on a hook on the bathroom door or to hold in my hand. I only carry my clutches by the handle though, so I can't speak for those who prefer holding theirs in true clutch style.
    I can fit my bifold Bearn in both KP and KL. It is a tight fit lengthwise in the KP, so sometimes I just take a smaller (non-H) flat pouch that holds my keys, a few bills and a credit card. The KL is long, so a long and flat wallet fits easily and leaves room for my phone.
    I think both KP and KL are totally gorgeous, but if I could only have one, I would go with my KP.
  6. One more thing -- the design of the KP makes it possible to sit the bag on its bottom. This is a big plus to me. The KL has to lie flat on one side, and it is long, so it takes up more room that way.
  7. I'm a huge clutch fan but have found the Jige to be the perfect day clutch. The Longue is my favorite evening bag by far although I love the others too. I found it sort of funny reading Tamarinds post as my KP is parchment and I'd use it so much more if it was a Longue :P It goes perfect with my wardrobe but I carry my clutches in the true clutch style so it's not as easy to use for me.
  8. Oh and to answer the questions, I've managed to cram a wallet into all my clutches, it's a tight fit sometimes but you can still do it. Depending on the occasion I also just throw cash and cc's along with other necessities in there. Bag rotation is totally random and either depends on my plans for the day or just my mood, lol.
  9. Icechick it was a picture of you holding your gorgeous rose dragee Kelly Longue that totally did me in on the Kelly Longue. That was when I just had to have one!
  10. hermesmonkey, I don't know how to post an old thread here but if you run some searches there was a thread a while back started by mrssparkles called Everything about Kelly Pochette that has so many lovely KP pictures. And there was a thread called Modeling your Hermes clutches, I don't remember who started it, that has a lot of pictures of members doing exactly that. There are some gorgeous pictures of KL and KP in action.
  11. Oh this thread is going to put me right over the edge. I want a H clutch so bad!
  12. I wanted a KP but was concerned it would look too small on me. I also didn't want to carry it by hand all night or lay it on the table, using a Kelly Longue, I love the KL, but....

    I recently acquired a 25 sellier Kelly in lizard; I find I can put my hand through the front of the handle and hold it like a clutch (cuz it's so small). I can also put a lot inside (my Bearn fits with force, so that doesn't work; I'll use instead a square croc wallet or a square Dogon, or any of the cases like orchids mentioned, plus cell, sunglasses, lipsticks, holds quite a lot), it stands up by itself, and I can wear it on my shoulder for hands free time and also hang it by the shoulder strap from the back of my chair at an event. I LOVE this little Kelly as an evening clutch! Yes, it's unorthodox to wear her "hand through the front" like a clutch, but it looks chic (to me :P ) and works perfectly.... (I'll take a pic later).

    She's the same size as a KP, except a touch wider and a couple inches taller and 1 inch deeper.

    another clutch idea :heart:
  13. I am carrying my Jige GM tonight. Jag, put me on your ignore don't want to see the action shot ;)
  14. Katel I'll look forward to that pic as I've been toying with the idea of a 25 for a while now :yes:

    HM - I'm a KP lover and I have no probs using them in the day if I don't have my children with me. My only issue is I can't get my sunglasses in for day use :cool:

    As Tamarind says the base on KP is quite useful as it can stand up and so takes up less room on a table. But I also just lay it on my lap under a napkin. I use it both by the handle and hand-held :tup:

    What leather and colour ya thinkin'?
  15. Thanks HM and CS! Katel, can't wait to see your lizard Kelly!
    I also forgot the great idea PazT had--taking the little zip compartment out from the Dogon wallet if you have one and slipping that into your clutch--that works perfectly as well. Some members also have the Clarisse zippered pouch which will also work for this purpose. The KP is such a fun little bag, and the handle is great.