Calling all clutch fiends!

  1. I should probably know the "right" answer to this question, but I don't.

    When you are dining out with your clutch, where do you put it if there isn't an extra chair or ledge on which you can place it? I don't want to put it on the floor, yet to put it on the table - would that be considered rude? Because it's Hermes, I wouldn't want people to think I was showing it off, and I do tend to think that if I see someone else doing that.

    What do you think?
  2. I'm very interested in hearing what other tPFers have to say about this! I have always wondered too!

    I know when I carry by Judith Leiber jeweled little bags (is the term miniauderie?? sp??) that I always put them on the table. But they are tiny and look like they belong there, with all the action.
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I usually carry small bags with a handle for this reason, because you can hang them on the back of your chair. I'm in love with all the new clutches this season though.
  4. I wouldn't put mine on the table because I'd be afraid of spills. I don't have an H clutch (yet) but I usually put my LV clutch on my lap and cover it with a napkin. I have a fear of spills ever since someone spilled red wine on one of my bags! :wtf:
  5. the old etiquette books say it goes on your lap, with your napkin over it -- which is easier with the giant napkin that you can tuck under your legs to keep everything in place.
  6. Yep! My formal dinner party napkins are 36" square, from around 1860.

    I usually carry 19th c. silver cigar boxes as evening bags/clutches. I'm especially fond of the hammered-surface ones with applied animal and foliate forms in gold and copper. They have the added bonus of wiping up easily if they're exposed to accidental spills.

    I collect those old etiquette books, DQ. I love the 19th c. ones that tell you how to set your tables and train your servants. They kill me.
  7. Thank you, DQ! I had searched a few books and sadly so many of them these days are modernized for the average person. I love the older ones.
  8. DQ - that's exactly what I do or sometimes I place them behind me on the chair and refrain from leaning back (works wonders for your posture, btw)!
  9. That is exactly what I do as well. Just seems to be the best place for it. I alos feel like putting it on the table is obtrusive.
  10. Great ideas....

    I carry my Mini Kelly 20 as an evening bag....she sits on the table, next to my plate and is always the star.
  11. Although I haven't gotten my Hermes yet, I find it always depends on the material with my other clutches.

    My patent leathers stay on the table, I don't care what anyonethere thinks. Unless it's white tablecloth, or a small table. Larger, long, delicate, or soft leather clutches go behind me.

    I have tried in my lap, as I know I should, but I usually forget about it and cross my legs or get forget as I focus on my friend or DH. I've dropped quite a few this way... ::sigh:: I need to be more mindful! :push:
  12. On on my lap or, if there is enough room on my chair, right next to me. A clutch is better on the lap. A small Kelly like my 25 or even 28 (retourne) can usually just sit next to my leg on the same chair. I try to drape a napkin over the bag in all situations, just in case.
  13. Isus, I know how you feel. Don't you just love looking at it even while you're using it? That's why I hesitate to put a napkin over mine even though that's appropriate and good protection. Half the fun of owning the bag is admiring its beauty. :shame:

    If you have one, would you mind posting a pic of your 20? I bet it's adorable.
  14. Depends -- if the table is large w/ lots of space then on the table away from plates/glasses otherwise on my lap or behind me a la Pazt but Never Never on the floor!!
  15. i agree wtih all - i would put it on my lap, or behind me. i really love the clutch for its practical size. sometimes i think a daily clutch would be a great idea - all your essentials (truly essentials) and zero bulk.

    per the topic of this thread, hope you don't mind my posting this here, but just how many hermes clutch styles are there?