Calling all Cloud Lovers: Cirrus in Ecru or Stratus in Beige?


Stratus PM in Beige or Cirrus in Ecru

  1. Stratus PM in Beige

  2. Cirrus in Ecru

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  1. As some of you know, I have not been 100% sure about my Beige Stratus PM since I got it. A couple of days ago, I finally decided to return it and purchase the Cirrus in Ecru. So I drove 45 minutes to return it. (By the way, since I purchased it in a LV inside of Saks, do I have to return it to a Saks or will a LV boutique let you return it there too????) Anyhow, as the SA started to processed the return, I grabbed the bag and started modeling it in front of the mirror again. Needless to say, I left with it. lol I don't know if it was that I knew I could probably never get it again if I end up regretting returning it or if I started to get possessive hearing all the "oooo's" and "ahhhh's" the bag was getting from the SAs and clients in the store at the time. now I have the Stratus still, and a Cirrus on the way. lol! PLUS, I REALLY WANT THE GRAY NIMBUS COMING OUT IN THE FALL AND I'M ALREADY ON THE WAITLIST. lol!!! So, please tell me which one to keep. Put me out of my misery once and for all...
  2. i prefer the beige over ecru....
  3. I lOVE the ecru!!!!!
  4. i prefer the Ecru, so i'd get the Cirrus
  5. i prefer ecru over beige, but stratus over cirrus. so i put my vote in for the stratus. :biggrin:
  6. I prefer Stratus over there's my vote!
  7. I like Ecru, even though I havn't seen it IRL yet.
  8. I've only seen the beige in the Stratus IRL. It was really pretty. Wish I could see the Ecru to compare. Tough choice! Sorry not much help! Good luck!
  9. Stratus in Beige.:nuts:
  10. Ecru Cirrus!!!
  11. I prefer the stratus in beige:yes:
  12. ITA!:yes:
  13. I'd get the Cirrus in Ecru... it's so cute!
  14. hey my stratus twin!!!!

    have you decided?!!!! i got a call from Saks today (to wish me a happy mother's day!! isn't it sweet?!!!) and they told me that stratus in beige that i was looking for came in......

    so i'm taking my ecru one tomorrow to see if i really like beige better.
    here is the pics one more time for you! (even though you have both!!! can't you keep them both?!!! then tell us which one you like! lol)

    btw, i voted for Stratus!



  15. Hi cutie (sophie's mom)! Guess what?! I ended up taking both back. =( The Cirrus came in on Friday and I didn't like it at all on me (there was no question about that one). I think I'm already regretting taking back the Stratus though, but I'm trying not to think about it. My hubby said I had to LOVE it in everyway to make it worth keeping, which makes sense. The handles were my biggest issue...I have scrony ol' shoulders and the straps wouldn't stay up and looked too big on me. But the good news is I have an additional $5000-plus in my checking account. lol Can we still be twins???? =) Let me know if you trade for beige. I personally liked the beige color over the ecru.