Calling all Clemence Birkin Owners. Please Help

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  1. #1 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    I picked up a Clemence at my local H boutique today. I was super excited b/c this is the bag I have been wanting for a very long time. I got to the store right when it was closing, so I didn't look at the bag (like I normally would) before I left with it.

    When I got home, I opened it up, while the color is super stunning, but the bag smells awful. I know the leather will hold a certain smell, but I'm talking about in your face "oooof that smells" kind of smell. The second thing I noticed is that the bag looks used. While all the clear peel stickers are in tact and the bag is overall in very good condition, but it's very slouchy (perhaps b/c it's a 40cm?), the handles and lock strap are extremely soft.
    The orange box is also quite torn around the edges. (and not in its plastic wrap). I'm not an expert by no means, but it's kind of felt know an used item when you see one. If that makes sense.

    I haven't had a chance to snag photos yet b/c it's already night time and flash photos doesn't capture the true look of something.

    I want to ask fellow Clemence Birkin owners, does all that sounds right for your bag?

    This bag was shipped to my local H from another store. I was assured by my SA that this is brand spanking new. She's been very good to me so I don't think she would tell me anything that's not true.

    I hope this is just me being paranoid :sad:

    Thanks so much for reading and for your advice in advance!

  2. Please post photos when you can.
    I personally don't love the smell of clemence, I find it a little "gamey" compared to togo or barenia for instance, so, that might be what your perception is as well? I also have found that recent clemence bags seem slouchier than clemence from earlier years. 40 cm as you say, will be noticeably slouchier than a 35....
  3. i have a clemence bag (not a birkin) and it didn't smell bad but quite good,
    barenia was much stronger ie smells, even now after two years the smell is still strong (barenia), but the clemence went away
  4. Can you describe the smell? I ask because I got an Indigo Ulysses recently and it smells very strongly of dye, in absolute contrast to my other ulysses notebooks. I contributed it to the color.
    My clemence Picotin smells wonderfully strong and leather rich yet almost fruity, and my clemence Lindy has very little smell at all, it just smells like any old leather. :shrugs:
  5. What's the year stamp?
  6. Thank you guys! I feel a little better about the smell. :yes:

    _bella_: It smells kind of like a farm animal..
    ms piggy: It's stamped L
  7. if it's the smell of leather..we are talking about a huge 40cm bag here..more leather=more smelly leather to smell. :smile: so stronger scent may make sense. (or like bella said, is it the smell of dye?) also 40cm i also do expect it to be a bit slouchy. (excuse my ignorance, is 40cm lined in leather or fabric?)
    as far as the dinged up box..i am assuming it's a large box as well. being handled and shipped around.
    easy for me to say though..I would prob react the same way. we do want our H items to be totally perfect.
    maybe snap a few pictures for us to check out (and drool over) ? :smile:
  8. yes 40cm is super slouchy if you have used it for a while. mine can't even stand straight up unless i put stuff inside it.

    i am not sure about the smell. to me the smell isnt weird anymore coz i get so used to it. KWIM?
  9. I have a nearly-two YO 30cm clemence birkin which didn't start out slouchy but has since softened up a lot. I'd expect a 40cm to be far more slouchy even when new. Mine smelled quite nice when new, not objectionable at all. Maybe it's the batch of leather or the dye?
  10. the smell of my 50cm birkin clemence is okay, though it doesn't smell as good as my togo ulysses. i used to love taking my ulysses out to smell the veau leather, it just smells heavenly (and i sound sick). i believe all clemence birkins are supposed to be slouchy, you can check the 'floppy birkins' thread, i believe most of the bags posted there are clemence...
  11. Oh the clemence bags are SUPER smelly at first. But to be quite honest, I didn't mind.

    As for the box, yes, I agree - that might be due to transit.

    Last but not least, the floppiness really does vary from bag to bag.

    Don't fret and enjoy your new birkie!
  12. I have a brand new 40cm clemence birkin. I love the smell but maybe it's just a personal preference. The smell is going a bit now: I have to REALLY stick my head in it to smell it!

    Mine still stands upright when empty but I've only had it since May (use it most days for work).
  13. Do post pictures.
  14. Fesdu: Mine is lined with leather :yes:

    ClassicTwist: :nuts: your Etoupe is stunning! Congrats! Mine doesn’t "feel" as new and “crisp “ as yours visually , perhaps it’s due to the color.

    Thank you guys very much for your input, I really do feel much better about my bag. I will take and put up pictures this weekend. You experts can be the judge of those. :smile: I think a lot of it is that I was given the impression that this is brand new, never been shown/touched, then it came in a semi roughed up box w/o the shrink wrap.