Calling all CL Mad Mary Owners!!

  1. Is this normal?!?!:confused1:



    What size did you get? Did you have to go up 1 size? Is the toe box extremely tight??
  2. HSL - I wish I could see your photos! I heard that you got some new additions but for some reason your photos don't load on my computer.

    I have the beige patent mad mary. What is happening to your mad mary? Why won't the photo load for me?
    I sized up one full size from my normal US size. Or in CL terms, I got my usual Very Prive/Rolando/Decollette size.
  3. omg the heel looks horrible!
    I don't know what's going on with the sole, either - I wonder if they've been worn??

    edit: scratch that, I didn't realize that it was just the side of the sole
  4. That's strange. Here, I attached them! I hope it works!!
    DSC03751.JPG DSC03752.JPG DSC03787.JPG DSC03754.JPG DSC03788.JPG
  5. Thanks HSL, I can see the attachments you posted ^^.

    Unfortunately, the issue in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd photos is normal in the Mad Mary. I noticed this immediately when I picked up my pair at Saks and I thought the problem was specific to that one pair. So I asked my SA to bring out a few other pairs in my size, and it turned out that every single pair was like that. I guess the patent leather gets warped when the spikes are attached?
    Every single pair of patent Mad Marys that I have seen since on display have this same exact issue. The good thing is that it is not noticeable when you are wearing the shoes.
    Honestly, it bothered me initially but after I wore them, I fell in love with the shoes and I no longer see it is as defect.
    In any case, I don't think that it is worth returning the shoes for that because it does not detract from the natural beauty of these shoes.
    For what it's worth, this does not happen to the suede mad marys. My grey suede mad marys do not have this problem, and the black suede ones that I have seen at Saks do not have this issue either.

    However, the 3rd and 5th photos are a little disturbing. I will take a look at my pair tonight to see if it is on my pair. It looks like the sole is not flush with the shoe, and the paint is just concealing that?
    If you can get another pair, try to exchange them. Or my first approach is to see if you can get some kind of defective discount, complain about it and see if you can get a 10% or 20% discount. Do you mind if I ask where you purchased these from?
  6. where did you buy them from??
  7. I got them from Barneys. The other side is like that too, but without the paint. The paint is whats bothering me the most.
  8. If it's bothering you, then try to get another pair. But I have been searching for that shoe for a GF and my SA at Barneys tells me that there are only a handful in beige left in just a few sizes. I did hear that they might be getting another shipment, but only in black.
    My recommendation is if you can't get an exchange, then definitely demand a defect discount. Give them the rant about paying $800+ for a pair of shoes so they should be in perfect condition etc. I am sure that you can get at least 10% from Barneys - although they normally will say that it will then be a final sale and you cannot return them.
    Otherwise see if Saks still has them in your size (I am pretty sure that they are sold out already).

    Ever since J Lo was photographed in them, that shoe has been impossible to find.