Calling all City owners, Join the "city" club


Feb 6, 2017
After a day of stalking the UPS tracking app, I got this baby in tonight. As usual, the handbag looks smaller on me than it does many others, but since I factored in for that, I’m quite happy.

Having close to no prior knowledge about this brand, I think I chose a good one. The interior was flawless and I peeled the plastic protective sticker off the interior plate myself.

I have a question, though: The mirrored tassel makes a loop when it’s zippered inside the exterior pouch. Do most City owners keep the mirror attached to the bag or do they remove it? I don’t think I’ll be using the mirror.

The color is slightly richer than the photos. I’m very happy.
I keep my mirror attached
Nov 15, 2012
I am beyond thrilled to finally be a member of the City club ! Just had this beauty authenticated on here and I am in love already. It’s mini giant RG hardware I believe but I stand to be corrected.
This is a forever bag for sure. My life is complete ( I cannot for the life of me work out how to decipher the tag so I wish I knew what year she was !)


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