Calling all City owners, Join the "city" club

  1. I'm a new member and I'm so excited, :yahoo: I love the city, its the perfect size for me. I hope to add more to my collection in the future:supacool:

    so Ladies, Show me your bags!:yes:


  2. oooo i've got tons of these!

    here's 3 for now until i get pics of the rest!
    P90872.jpg P90876.jpg P90080.jpg
  3. Hi Jem! Its me from the other forum! anyway just wanted to say congrats on the bag. I am looking for the right Balenciaga too. (I returned the oxblood day bag to BALNY store, it had 2 damaged areas on it so I'm waiting on sandstone instead).

  4. Hey Karen! thanks!

    I hope you find your perfect Balenciaga
  5. Fayden your bags are gorgeous!!!

    what year are yours if you don't mind me asking? I still lust for a classic black one (thats nice and matte looking). I fear I'll have to check eBay though for past season bags to get that kind of leather finish that yours have...

  6. karenab- that's an ink 06, rouge vif 06 and a rose city 04. i lucked out with my 2006 bags. they are both really nice!

  7. i thought the leather looked really nice too! do you put conditioning products on them at all?
  8. thanks fayden!! gorgeous bags. Have you noticed a diference in the finish between the rose 04 and the others? ie. the 04 seems more matte. is that the case?
  9. abitobling- i've only used apple guard on them once. but they didn't really change the leather. it made the rouge vif a bit softer tho. the ink never changed. rose is untouched.
  10. the rose is def more matt, no shine at all like the other two, but that could just be from being handled a lot. it's very used.
  11. My one and only city..Blue India..

  12. I'm going to take a group shot but for now here's a pic I already had of my fave City! Black S/S 05. :heart:

    Jem, I love your bag and I am sooooooooo going to get that Coach charm!

    black city.jpg
  13. Love everybody's bags!!!
  14. My INK and Red Vermillion!
  15. I've had some more of the cities, but sold the most of them for buying 'purses', my favorite style for now !

    The current city I have is the '05 turquoise:


    They all are sold:
    '04 Lilac (still on hold), Turquoise, Anis
    '03 Caramel, Red

    118-1899.pf_IMG.jpg 109-0949_IMG.jpg 106-0619_IMG.JPG 110-1095_IMG.JPG 112-1204_IMG.JPG