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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    I was just talking to the manager Eric at SF JC Boutique, I was going to get the brown eel Ramona that starbuxxx had mentioned a couple of days ago at 1/2 price and he called me to tell me that Wed., Thur. and Fri. only they are doing 70% off of sale items (that is 70% off retail on items already on sale and I assume that includes shoes). I was like, "what a bonanza"!:yahoo::woohoo::jammin: Everything will be a final sale . So get in those cars and on those phones tomorrow and get yourself a bargain. :graucho: I know we all need more like we need another hole in our heads, but will that stop us? H*ll no :tup::heart: Can't wait to see what everybody gets. (It must be at all the boutiques, I'm sure) Good luck!:nuts:
  2. Oh My!! I wonder what they have left. I would love the eel Ramona. But I have just bought so many bags lately. Another Mahala would do the job if they have any! Yikes! Thanks for the post.
  3. Why oh why did you post this? I was doing so well with my ban too...
  4. OMG! 70% off!
    Thanks BL for posting!

  5. One last binge at 70% off and then we can all be on a :ban:together! I know, I'm an enabler but I like company. This is what happens when DH takes a business trip to Boston, I have too much time to play and spend money and then I pull the old "oh, I was a bad girl when you were gone" ploy .:P
  6. ^Well, Bichon, totally off point, but you'll be proud to know I finally broke down and used one of my JC bags! I'm in love! I can't figure out why I took so long! Now, I'm slowly itching towards using the next one!
  7. Yeahhh! You do make me proud. :hugs: Does feel good, doesn't it? :yes: :drinkup:
  8. That's an amazing sale - thanks for posting! I must hold strong!!
  9. BL - You are a bad, bad, girl.....
  10. I am not even going to pretend I was doing well on my ban, but dang it. 70% off. who can say no to that?
  11. ^^You go girl!
  12. Ok, how does one "deserve" to be invited to this sale? I am kinda pissed at JC right now. The east coast stores are saying it is friends and family only.

    Jesus, if I don't spend enough to be "invited" who the hell does?
  13. I just called the Chevy Chase, MD boutique. The SA told me that it's only for friends and family and that you have to be on a guest list. I thought to myself, ain't you my friend now (I guess not!)? Whatever! If anyone has better luck at any of the other boutiques, let us know.
  14. ^^Well that sucks!
  15. I know. No invitation here so I am sol. I am pissed at Casey right now. I am good enough to sell full price bags to but not sale bags. :tdown: