Calling all Chocolate Carlys??

  1. I am trying to see all pictures of current chocolate carlys with their lil charms or scarves on them I want to decorate mine but I don't know what to put on her yet.. any pics would help so I cant get some ideas going..thanks everyone for being so helpful..
  2. no chocolate carly owners :sad::sweatdrop:
  3. heres mine!!

    I change out between the strawberry and the heart luggage tag right now.. I want the large peace sign luggage tag!!
  4. I have one...but no pretty things on it. I haven't been decorating lately.
  5. here it is with the strawberry
  6. very cute I like the first heart charm on your carly
  7. whats the style # on that strawberry charm?

  8. 92256 It's $28, I believe
  9. none on eBay lol
  10. I have a chocolate carly, and from the zipper pull I have the Breast Cancer heart charm...
  11. hope these help!
    Ebay Pics 575.jpg Picture 476.jpg
  12. thanks for your pics :smile:
  13. That's what I rotate on mine too. Sometimes I will also put a pink ponytail scarf on there.
  14. very cute charms!!