Calling all Chloe Betty Owners!!

  1. Ladies, I need your help! I've been trying to get a Chloe Betty bag for the past couple of days, but with no luck! :crybaby: I've tried calling Saks to have them locate one for me, but they said they need a SKU number so that they can try to find it in their system and see if other stores still have it. So if any of you Betty owners of the medium size bag could provide the SKU number that is on the price tag, I would greatly appreciate it! :yes:
  2. Cricket in Liverpool uk have some in stock, in different colours too. i saw a gorgeous navy one today there and they had a chocolate i think too and what i think is a med size. you can view them at but whatever you do DONT ORDER OFF THE WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stress that enough! you will have to ring when theyre open *also they dont update the website often so if theyre not up then it doesnt mean they dont have them. try giving them a call on monday morning from 9am english time

    ***EDIT*** ive just tried to look at the website for you but its not working at the moment so the phone no. is 0151 227 4645 *but you have to put +44 or whatever the country code is :S i dunno sorry*