Calling all CHICAGO-ITES!!! How impossible is it for me to get a hotel this weekend?

  1. Hi everyone,

    My husband recently (and I mean...a few days ago) just found out that he has to go to a convention in Chicago from 24-28th of November...Thanksgiving weekend. WHOOPPIE!!!! :push:

    I need 2 rooms, one for him & one for his business partner in the area of Michigan Ave / River North / Water Tower Place / Magnificent Mile...and pref. for under $200 a night.

    I've been looking on Expedia, Trip Advisor and and have yet to find anything affordable or available. I've never been to Chicago before, so I'm not sure how the transit system works there...I guess staying in the O'Hare region would be okay, but only if there's a transit system (metro, subway????) running to those parts of town.

  2. Have you tried
  3. Nope, thank you riff! Going to check it out now :smile:
  4. Or

  5. Where is the convention? Staying out in the O'Hare region would make a 45 minute (at least) commute for him on the EL if the convention is downtown. Try the CTA website for more info on when the EL is running.
  6. He will be attending the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) convention at McCormick Place. I've never been to Chicago, so I know absolutely nothing about transit, etc!
  7. Yup, for that trip he'd be looking at at least an hour commute!! McCormick Place is on the South Side and has hotels associated with it. Hyatt Regency, I think. :smile:
  8. Men! Honestly. Because it's that easy to find a last minute hotel in Chicago on a holiday weekend!
  9. Ahhhh man! The hotels near O'Hare are the only ones that seem to be available & affordable enough to stay at! Maybe he will just have to dig deeper into his budget and get a room at one of the places closer to the convention center & to the company's he'll later be meeting with :s $300-600 / night is a heck of a lot of money, though! Wish I had known about this before!!!!!!!! :push:
  10. That's exactly what I'm thinking! I'm from the US so I know how crazy everything is on Thanksgiving weekend...They couldn't have picked a WORSE time to hold this convention!!!!!!! :cursing:

  11. Well, I know men can be funny about it, but if he and his business partner share a room (with two double beds) then the price isn't that bad. If they stay out at O'Hare they could take cabs too, but those would be expensive and not very much faster than public transit (especially on Monday and Tuesday).
  12. I hate to be the one to say this, but I do not think you will find any rooms for less than $200 a night, especially during the holiday season...

    I personally recommend Sofitel. Good location, interesting hotel, and not super pricey although still expensive as are all hotels around the area you're looking.

    There is a Travellodge in River North but be aware that it is not especially nice.
  13. I apologize if you're familiar with Chicago and I sound condescending as a result, but O'Hare is very far away from the city. It is a $35 cab ride away so anything you want to do will cost you... definitely better to just dig a little deeper for a hotel in the city.
  14. I *LIVE* in Chicago and can barely navigate the transportation system. Chicago does not have a comprehensive system like NYC or London. You will end up confused, disoriented and pissed off (if you're anything like me!). I highly recommend just taking a cab wherever you need to go.
  15. Thanks Intl...I really wish Hubby would have known about this / told me about this earlier...Really ticks me off :push: