Calling all CHANEL Pros...Need Expert Advice in deciding on my first CHANEL Bag!!!

  1. Hi guys....

    I know you're all CHANEL pros here...but I am deciding on my 1st CHANEL bag and would appreciate maximum input.

    I am almost certain on the Medium Classic Flap...but am deciding on the color. White caviar with silver h/w or Black caviar with silver h/w? :confused1: I like the red as well but will prob get that in the East West. I have a tan/asian complexion....if that helps!

    Also does anyone own the Small size in the Classic Flap...? How small is it? Like the East West or more square/box like?:s
  2. the small is more box like.

    I think you should go with black caviar w/ silver hardware. imo that is the most perfect first Chanel bags!
  3. The small one is really small. If I remember correctly, it should measure approx 6inches in length by 5.5 inches in height. Correct me if im wrong! :shame:

    Sorry i dont have the bag here with me now.. otherwise i could have posted a picture for you. :p
  4. The small is so small that it wouldn't be my recommendation for your first bag; you'll want to carry your first Chanel more often than I predict you would use the small size. My SO gave me the Classic Flap in black & gold for Xmas & that was the the right choice for me because I no longer wear silver jewelry. But I'll add my yes to those who are voting for the black caviar with silver hardware -- it's both classic and more modern-looking!
  5. Get the black caviar with silver hardware.
  6. totally agree with Jen--also get it in at least the medium (if not large or jumbo) size.
  7. I think you should get the black caviar with s/h for your 1st CHANEL bag. I just got mine and I l:heart:ve it. The med/large (10x6) is a great size (for me anyway...I'm 5'1"). The caviar is durable and black is more carefree than other colors. Although the white is gorgeous, you would have to be a little more cautious with that color (getting dirty, color transfer from clothes, yellowing, etc.).

    I tend to like more classic bags as opposed to trendier ones and that bag is truly classic and timeless and will never go out of style.

    Good Luck!
  8. The black caviar classic flap was my first Chanel so I think that would be an excellent choice. Also, it is the iconic symbol of the Chanel bag line. And I agree with the rest, must go least a medium or it will just look like an evening bag.
  9. I agree with designer307, black is the best choice for a first chanel. not only stylish but durable. the white caviar will color transfer and dull. i'm also asian with honey tan complexion, the stark white doesn't work with me, only off-white colors look flattering.
  10. Black caviar with silver hardware! :smile:
  11. They are all right-- the black classic flap is the iconic Chanel handbag. The medium at least. Can't go wrong with this bag.
  12. black caviar with silver - its a classic
  13. Black w/silver and definitely a medium/large if you are planning to use it as an everyday bag.
  14. I just helped my sister with the same dilemna. She decided on the black caviar classic flap and is very happy!
  15. I like the off white too! I got one like a bone color white from NM (light green on the tag) and it looks great too. (If you think black looks to heavy). It looks great with almost all the color(outfit).