Calling all Chanel Accessories Expert.....

  1. I tried calling the chanel 800 number, they said the US boutiques did not purchase any of them so they do not know the retail, can anyone help me on this please? :sweatdrop:

    A32843.jpg A32869.jpg A32882.jpg A32845.jpg A32868.jpg
  2. I dunno anything about these.. but they ARE GORGEOUS!!!! Love the pastel colored stones! :love:
  3. Those are sooooo cute. I want the necklace!! I haven't seen them around here. :sad:
  4. omg, how pretty are those?!?!?!! boo, why is the US missing out?!
  5. My friend purchased a necklace and earrings set that was similar last June from Chanel on 57th St. The necklace was around $500 and the earrings around $300. I would guess these are about the same price.:yes:
  6. i don't know about them either but i love them!! good luck!
  7. Love the color.
  8. You might want to call a few of the boutiques, especially Hawaii, as they get some of the pieces the other U.S. boutiques don't. Take what the 800 no people tell you with a grain of salt. I called about the graffitti ballet flats and they said the boutiques didn't buy them. I called the Bellagio boutique and had them shipped. Good luck hunting!!
  9. I love the earrings!!!! But these are not recent releases, I hope you can find them!!!
  10. Thank you everyone, jmen, I will try Hawaii :heart:
  11. Those earrings are so pretty
  12. omg i went looking for that same necklace yesterday but neimens and Saks in my area said they did not get that necklace in only the boutiques.
  13. I called Hawaii and they check and said the same thing, not available in the US :push: I saw the earrings in the second picture and the necklace in the first picture for in Japan for $400 and $360, should I get them :p