Calling All Cat Owners!~

  1. Hey Guys!
    So i'm in the process of adopting a 2 month old kitty soon and I'm just beyond it got me thinking. All you cat owners on this forum..why don't you share your bundle of joy by posting a picture of it...along with it's name and how long she's been by your side. :supacool:

    Fill this out:

    How long you've had her:

    Thought this would be a fun way to share our little bundles of joy! ;)
  2. I'm so happy for you to be new adoptive parent. My little girl is seen in my avatar...and I adopted her from the Sarasota Humane Society on Jan. 12 of this year. She is somewhere between 1 to 2 years old and is so much fun. She talks more than any cat I have ever heard, follows me all around, loves to play and sleep under the covers, is crazy for food and is a very busy girl...need I go on? She's great company and I'm crazy about her. I lost my 15 year old KeeKee due to renal failure on Dec. 16 last year and was devastated. While I was filling out the adotion papers I was so worried wondering if I had picked the right cat (even though it took me 3 days and about 12 hours) I'm sure that I did. I hope that you find as much happiness with your new little friend.
  3. My little darling is named Kitten, and she's a Persian. I just love her! She will be 4 in June. She is very loving but she does have a slight diva attitude every once in a while. She loves anything that she can play with like a hockey puck and she cannot resist tuna fish fresh from the can.

    Best of luck with your new bundle of joy!
  4. I'll post my baby!

    Name: Tiger, or Tiger Lily :heart:
    How Long I've Had Her: I adopted her from the San Jose Animal Shelter 3 months ago. She is 5 months old. :love:
    Tiger 068-resized.jpg
  5. YAY! :yahoo: Two month year old kitties are SOOO cute! Here is my kitty, Lord Guinness Blackmore as a kitty. He is a black Persian and the runt of the litter. He pretty much looks the same now that he's one. :heart: I remember when I was hunting for a kitty I went to 5 breeders and NONE of their kittens caught my attention. I found Guinness at the very last breeder. At that point I thought maybe I wasn't a cat person (all of the other kittens were so docile and I'm used to dogs). But Guinness jumped out of his bed and came licking at me just like a dog. I knew right then he had to be mine. Muhahahaha.
  6. Lordguinny your cat is gorgeous! I just love his face :heart:
  7. my cats name is Bianca and she's by my side for already 14 yrs now :smile:
  8. congrats to you!! 2 months old kittens are soo adorable! i still remember when i bought my baby chloe 4 months ago, she was only 2 months old then. shes so tiny and cute! :yahoo:

    good luck wiv ur new kitten! and pls do post some pics of the tiny baby when he/she arrives home!!
  9. Congrats on the new family member! :nuts: I have two cats :smile:

    Names: Fat Mike (boy) and El Hefe (girl)
    How long you've had them: Over four years. I adopted them at a mobile pet rescue in Orlando in December 2002. They will be five years old in August. They're from the same litter, and both such affectionate, wonderful companions.

    Picture time! :nuts: [

    Fat Mike


    El Hefe

  10. Here's my two :heart:
    They're called Mummy and Baby (because they are) and we got them from a rescue centre nearly 3 years ago.
    These pictures sum them up pretty well, Mummy's a very lazy cat and Baby always wants to know what's going on!

  11. My name is Rio!! I have been in my new Orlando, FL house for the last three weeks. I'm a California boy! Either I will be a teacup or I will be in the petite side. I will be four months old tomorrow, March 23!! :yes:
  12. OMG, Maye, your kitty is soooo cute!! I love the fuzzy ones!
  13. Star (7 yrs old), Chiclet (7 yrs old), Wrigley (7 yrs old), Tiramisu (6 yrs old), and Venus (~14 yrs old)! The first four has been with me since they were kittens (so 6-7 yrs) and Venus almost 4 years.
  14. [​IMG]

    This is my love. His name is Sebbe and ive had him since he was a kitten. He is turning 7 this year :yes: Isn't he adorable? My baby ;)
  15. Oh, your ginger cat is sooo cute!