Calling all cat lovers!

  1. cute site:

  2. Very cute!
  3. Aww!! Adorable!! I love the one where the soldier is petting the kitty in Iraq.
  4. These are so cute !

    Especially the one with the fuzzy kitty in the shower being cleaned and looking like it is saying "help me!"
  5. Cute, thanks!
  6. Cute! I sent it along to my family and friends! I'm sure they will get a laugh out of it.
  7. soo cute! a lot of those reminds me of what my cat would do.
  8. awww :love: very cute~!
  9. I like the one that says "I'm from tech support". That cracked me up.
  10. haha! That was like half an hour of entertainment! thanks!
  11. I liked "sup?" It is too funny!