Calling all Carly owners???

  1. ok for those who have the Carly bag, are you totally in LOVE with it?? I loved it when I first saw it online. Then I went to the store to try it on and it kept falling off my shoulder. I thought of getting it then cutting off the fat part of the handle so it would be skinnier but am scared to do this. Also I am TOTALLY ANAL about having a matching wallet. So what wallet did you guys get to match. Oh and I don't want black, any color but black.

    Please post pics too, would love to see what you have.
  2. I don't have a Carly, but I wouldn't cut the wide part of leather off. There are so many styles of bags maybe something else would fit you better. I do have a bag with a similar strap and I like the extra thickness there. I feel it helps keep the bag on my shoulder better. I have very short shoulders and it seems like most bags want to slip off. Whatever you decide I hope it works for you. That's what is important. Good Luck.
  3. Those look good together. I love the perforated wallet!
  4. I definitely wouldn't buy a bag then cut the handle. It's too costly of a bag then you can't return it nor could you resell it later. If the handle bothers you I'd just wait on another style coming out rather than the Carly.

    I have a medium in camel/saddle leather and a demi in black leather. I'm returning a signature demi with angora trim. I really love the Carly! It's very practical for me and comfortable to carry. I also love the leather!

    I have various signature accessories that I use in my bag. I don't care if my wallet matches, just that they complements one another. I typically carry a mini skinny with a matching wristlet or beauty case. Hope that helps and good luck in your decision!
  5. I definitely agree with those who have said that you shouldn't buy the bag and then cut the handle.

    I have the medium parchment Carly and I think it's really classic in it's shape and styling. I got a Hamptons Stripe wallet to match it (no longer on the website - it's brown/brown sig with the python stripe). I posted a pic of the bag with the wallet.

    I'm not a big signature fan in general, but I like the bag/wallet combo you have there and I do think they'd go well together.

    But if the strap doesn't work for you, save your money and wait for that "perfect bag" rather than spend the money on something that isn't quite right for you.
    carly and wallet.JPG carly.JPG
  6. I have the khaki/gold carly and it has been falling off my shoulder. But I have way too much junk in it and have been wearing a huge coat since we are having the coldest winter EVER!!!!

    I have a khaki/gold hamptons wallet that I bought in December to match another bag and I really like it with my Carly.
  7. After I got my Carly home and took the stuffing out of it I didn't have any trouble getting it to stay on my shoulder. If the bag is packed full I can't get it to stay up though.
    I would NOT cut the handle. First of all, I think the handle really makes the bag. Second of all, that is too much to spend on a bag you have to alter when you get it home.
  8. I bought the medium signature and then took it back because it was too small and did not like how it fit but I really love the Carly so I bought the large black leather one which fit nicely but it was too big so I took it back and got the medium Carly in black leather and at first it did not fit but I broke it in and now I do not have any problems. I know you do not want black but I use the legacy stripe wallet.
  9. I'm planning on getting the large one in the Khaki/Angora when it comes out next month. I'll be using my Signature Stripe Wallet in khaki/parchment with it.

    I wouldn't cut it either.
  10. i have the large khaki and gold...LOVE IT

    for a wallet i am using the khaki soho signature with small buckle from 2005 (i belive)
  11. look at this pic, this is the part I was thinking of cutting off. The thick part under the strap. It wouldn't effect anything on the purse. If you own one, take a look at one I'm talking about and you will see that it won't alter the purse look at all:

  12. oh and I loved the carly bag in the gold and I ordered it cuz they didn't have the medium and then I ordered the gold slim wallet to match. So I get a call the next day that they can't fulfill the carly order but they sent me the wallet. UHHH what the heck do I want a wallet for if I can't have the bag to match?? Anywho I liked the outside of the wallet but when you open it up..........dang it's ALOT OF GOLD!! Too disco-y, 1970 ish for me, so that went back!!
  13. ^^ Yeah, I see what you're saying but still if you do alter the bag you won't be able to return it once you do it and resale will be harder. But if you want to spend the money on it and feel confident enough to alter it then well...
    I just cannot bring myself to say do it! I wonder if a professional could do it, like perhaps a shoe repair person? Someone skilled with leather? It's a personal decision and not one that I feel comfortable with recommending when it comes down to it but it's your money! :shrugs: I do understand wanting this bag though. It's a great bag!
  14. you don't need a professional to do it, I looked at it in the Coach store and it's not connected to anything so you wouldn't even notice. All you have to do it cut those two strips that are on either end down the middle, then take it off. I'm just afraid that if I did that I wouldn't like it, then there's no way to put it back on!!