Calling all Carly owners...

  1. I am interested in puchasing an everyday black bag,I know the carly has been around but I just saw one on a girlfriend. I really loved it. She had the medium which looked plenty spacious. Just curious as to how big the large is IRL.
  2. Here is a picture of my Large Chocolate Brown Carly. She is spacious but for me this
    is an every day sized bag. I do have larger bags than this. It is a great bag and I am sure that you will find it functional whatever size you choose.
    IMG0001_21.jpg IMG0001_12.jpg IMG0001_14.jpg
  3. I HAD the large khaki/saddle AND the large chocolate and sold BOTH of them! They were WAY TOO big for me to use every day. I only carry my wallet, gum, tylenol, coupon book, sunglasses and keys!!!! The bag slouched sooooooooo much that it looked like it swallowed me up!!!!!!! LOLOL... I MUCH prefer the medium Carly for myself, as I am only 5'2" and as you can see, I dont carry much around w/ me! I would say definitely go to the boutique and try BOTH sizes on before you make a decision~! You may prefer how one looks on you over the other...just make sure you take out ALL the stuffing inside b/c if you dont, the bag is VERY stiff and will not slouch to your liking! Good luck w/ your decision!!! And this is my 1000th post!!!!! YAY~!!!!!!
  4. PS: Both of mine were large SIGNATURE Carly's, and since they were so big, I found myself using them as a gym bag, b/c I was able to fit my everyday stuff, a change of clothing and a water bottle inside w/ room to spare!!!! I have seen people using them as diaper bags and work bags as well, b/c they hold ALOT of stuff!!! Good luck, again!!!
  5. I'm 5'2" and I have the large carly works fine on me. I tend to like larger bags though. I think that has more to do with what size bag you like than how tall you are.
  6. Im 5'1 & have the large in Signature with Black straps..its perfect
  7. You are DEFINITELY right!!!!! :yes:
  8. Honestly, I think there needs to be a Carly in between these 2 sizes. I have the medium and it's a tight squeeze for the little bit I carry and the large is way too big for me.
  9. You really should try them both on because of the length of the strap on each. The medium would be plenty big enough for me but the shorter strap had the bag landing in sort of an awkward spot for me under my arm. I LOVE the way the larger bag sits lower and just feels "right", kwim? Good luck deciding!
  10. I couldn't agree more!!! I have plenty of room for my stuff in the medium, but think it looks too small/sloppy on me the large on the other hand is really really big
  11. I love my large black leather Carly. I carry a lot of stuff in my bag - wallet, keys, sunglasses + case, lotion, iPod, compact, flip-flops for driving, magazine, plus work materials if needed - and it all fits!

    I love large bags though...I would get another large Carly in chocolate if it wasn't so expensive!