Calling all career women turned SAHMs

  1. To all the PF career women who decided to become SAHMs, I would love to hear your experiences as SAHMs. What made you decide to leave the corporate world? Was it a hard or easy transition out of the corporate world? I'm curious because I'm a corporate lawyer who occassionally toy with the idea of becoming a SAHM once I have a child, but I think I'll miss the law too much.

    I would love to hear the joys and hardships of being a SAHM.
  2. I have 2 kids and I think how much better it'd be for them if I SAH. But kids grow up fast, and I don't want to lose my skills. So I cut down my schedule a bit so I can be with them for breakfast and evening/dinnertime and tuck them in at night. And quite honestly, I have such profound respect for SAHMs now because taking care of the kids full time is more exhausting that my roughest day! Cheers to those of you who do it!!
  3. I didnt plan on becoming a SAHM but when my son was born I couldnt see myself leaving him. Some sort of maternal gene kicked in and it just seemed unatural for me to leave him. That was 11 years ago and I now have 3 kids and Im so glad I stayed home for them. The joys are countless but the thing I miss most sometimes is the adult conversation, etc. But I make sure to have time for myself to do things socially and just get out.
  4. I just resigned from my position and will be a SAHM starting early September. My son is 12 months old and I went back to work full-time when he was 11 weeks. It was a hard decision because my job is actually pretty good for working mothers and allowed me to work from home 2 days a week. But I just felt like I was missing out on so much of his life. He's only going to be a baby once and there will always (hopefully) be a job out there for me. I'll try it out and see how it goes. I know that this will be the hardest job I've ever had.
  5. When I worked full time, I felt so guilty that when I got home, I gave undivided attention to my child until bed time.

    THe first few months of staying at home after my second was born, I thought, "This is the best kept secret in the world!" Everyone touts how sahm's have the hardest job in the world...are you kidding me??! I can stay in my pj's all day and sit around and play, watch tv, email...piece of cake."

    Then, I quickly realized at around 2 months and 1 day, that it is by far, the hardest job I've EVA had to do and for me, it's all because of patience. At work, I'd get physical breaks...potty, lunch, etc. I'd get mental breaks as well. There'd always be at least a bit of time where I could hide in the bathroom for a minute and space out and/or space out on my computer, send a non-work email, etc. But, at home, it suddenly became a round the clock physical and emotional job description that never ends...every single day of the week. I had a lot of trouble with that. With work, I could work hard, then come home and play hard, then on the weekends, it was even organized differently. Now, it all runs during the day, mom at night, mom on the weekends.
    It's tiring and now that I have 3, my patience gets tested even more. I think I've lost brain cells AND social skills. Sometimes, I wonder if my children wouldn't be better off with me working full or part time, because then when I was with them, I'd enjoy actively playing with them while home. that was my blunt truth for you about being a sahm...been at it 4 years now. (I have worked a part time job from home though, after kids are in bed...just for information sake.) But, here's the other part. As hard as it really, really is, I would cry so hard if financially we suddenly weren't able to allow it! I was just thinking today, how funny and fun my 2 year old is and how leaving her everyday and missing all her funny expressions, etc. would be horrible. And my near 4 yr. old will be heading to kindergarten soon all 3 will be gone and I'll have the rest of my life to work! So, it's all worth it to me. The other really wonderful perks are in the middle of the day in November...if it's beautiful, you can go to the zoo or park or on a picnic...what have you, and that's so special to have that choice.

    Alrighty...I've rambled enough. I'm like the imposter version of a shimmapuff. The longevity is there but the eloquence and big words are missing! Oh well. I just wanted to share my experience, since you asked. :smile:
  6. I have 3 kids (10 years, 4 yaers, and 5 months) .. I became a SAHM when I gave birth to my third baby .. I was a corporate gal before and my 4 year old went to day cares since she was 1.5 years old for one whole year which I completly hated!! I got off work for personal reasons and that was when I got pregnant with my thrid kid .. I stayed at home since then and to tell you the truth I dont think I will go back to work till he is well into his 3rd year at LEAST and going to a good preschool .. I hated dropping off my daughter at day care when she was under 2 although she loved it at the time but I felt bad! She needs mommy to sing her (if you're happy and you know it clap your hands) and not a care-giver .. since my family can afford me staying home for a while why not? It works for us and it makes me feel whole ... To each his own I guess!!
  7. Plain and simple, if you can afford to be a SAHM, I think you will definitely enjoy the quality time you have with your child. After 27 yrs of schooling and 5 yrs of professional work, I had to face the hardship of transitioning into motherhood. It is so different but rewarding. You'll find that you'll have quick spurts of free time to yourself and long hours trying to keep your child company. I do highly suggest to have occasional babysitters on-hand. It will help you maintain your sanity and personal grooming. LOL.

    You'll also make new "mommy-friends" to compare notes and discuss other "adult-friendly" topics. ;)
  8. I never, ever thought in a million years that I would be a SAHM. And if you asked anybody who knew me when I was working they would say the same. Many of my old co-workers still comment on it! I loved my job so much: I loved being in charge of projects, working with people, solving problems, getting my first patent!, having to-do lists, the stress, the overtime, the feeling of accomplishment.

    You will know if it is right for you when you have your baby. I tried going back and couldn't do it. This is the most important thing for me to do right now. I miss alot of things about the corporate world but right now my family gets all my attention.

    You'll find plenty to keep you busy.
  9. Hopefully this will be considered on topic but...

    I have the fortunate opportunity of being able to work from home on a full-time basis.

    To those of you who do, how do you manage attending to your baby while attempting to work as well. I'm at my computer all day usually while working so I'm having a hard time figuring out how I would balance working (making extra $) with keeping my baby entertained and being there for him.

    Any suggestions?? :confused1: This is what I've been stressing about for the whole pregnancy.
  10. ^^I'm in your exact situation. I'll try to find time the next couple of days to post my experience for ya!

  11. Oh that would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm intrigued how some manage it and would love to hear your personal experiences!!
  12. Well, I was an OB/Gyn doc in private practice when I had DS. 2 months postpartum, I went back to work full-time. My schedule was dropping off DS at daycare at 6:30am, work, pick up DS at 6:30pm, pumping in the car, it was not a life. I also had to do 36 hour shifts, sometimes twice a week (the 80 hour work week rule does NOT apply after you are done with residency).

    I quit that job 1 1/2 yrs later and was in between jobs for two months. The first month was okay, but I was going crazy by two months. Now I am not seeing patients anymore and just moonlight 4 nights a week. DS is in daycare during the day (so I can do my own thing) but I can pick him up and have him for the day if I've had a light night. This way, I see him for an hour in the morning, possibly the whole day, until 6:30pm (he goes to sleep at 9).

    I LOVE this schedule, although it sounds crazy. My days are free to do as I please, and I'm bringing in decent income.

    So after doing WAY too much shopping, I've re-evaluated my life and am going to do an online MBA in Health Care administration.
  13. I worked as an account manager in a major printing firm and travelled regularly (not internationally, though). I never thought I could leave my job and be happy.

    But when my son arrived I couldn't trust anyone else with him, either. Not that I thought anyone would do anything bad, but I just knew no one would read to him, rock him, sing to him and make time for him and only him the way I could. It was a no-brainer and I quit.

    It is only in the last 6 months that I have been starting to get the itch to go back to work (7 years later, my youngest is 3). But my youngest will start pre-K next year, which will free up some time for me to take a class and brush up my skills, and then my kids will all be in school full-time the following year and I can at least get a part-time job.

    The time went by so fast that I will never regret having been here with them to see them grow.
  14. For the past year, I've had a full-time nanny. Even when I work at home. There is no way I'd be able to take proper care of my son and work at the same time. I'm constantly on conference calls and required to pay full attention to what I'm doing. I suppose you could put the baby in a swing or saucer until he/she is mobile, but that could get boring for them. Now that my son is 1 he is completely mobile and is into everything so I have to watch him at all times.
  15. So if you don't mind me asking, how much is the nanny and how often do you have her/him? Does she stay in your home or do you take her somewhere?