Calling all CANADIANS on the PF!

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  1. HI! :yes: got this idea from yeuxhonnetes:idea: - so i thought i'd start a thread for the Canadians in this group. I know some of you are in Canada - but i thought it would be interesting to see exactly where everyone is and hopefully meet up for tea one day.....

    I'll start:

    i'm here in edmonton alberta. grew up in toronto, moved here (1981-1988) then after i finished my degree i moved to miami beach, returned here in 1996. Now this is home to my DH and two adorable kids!:shame:

  2. I was born in Massachusetts, but my mom's side of the family is Canadian. Every summer we'd visit relatives in Toronto and Peterborough.

    When I was getting ready to graduate from college, I started thinking about how happy I'd be living here. After college I worked to save money and then I applied for duel citizenship.

    I moved here in August, and now I have my apartment off of Yonge and Eglington.
  3. aww, I would love to meet up for tea one day. I now live in Tennessee, but I was born/grew up in Ontario. There are barely any pf'ers down south and we're all spread out.
  4. I used to travel through Canada every summer, I grew up in the only part of the U.S. that is north of Canada at one particular point in Michigan.

    Spent my underage childhood driving over to Windsor to drink b/c the legal aget then was 18 I believe - what fun, that was up until I was 21.

    I also ventured along the 401 up through Toronto and the 10,000 lakes..making our way to the Upstate New York border...every summer!!

    Montreal is GEORGEOUS!!! Toronto is fun - Eaton Centre, etc...the Speghatti Factory and so on!!

    .......However, when it comes to HOCKEY -I am sad that Steve Yzerman will be the GM for Team Canada!!! Oh well, he was great for the Wings!!!!
  5. Great idea!

    I am in Calgary, I was born in you can imagine its a real rivalvry @ my household when it comes to the Battle of Alberta!
  6. I'm from Toronto - the GTA to be exact.
  7. I'm in southern Alberta. Medicine Hat, a little hick city nobody knows:shame:
  8. Wow! :yes: welcome to everyone! its amazing to learn a little bit more about a few of us - crazy nuts out here!:rolleyes:

    medicine hat! r u kidding me! hello!:nuts:

    always something going on between calgary and edm..... (hehehehe):rolleyes:

    toronto and montreal--- beautiful cities. and vancouver too! actually not a bad country! i have to say that over the past 2 years the shopping has picked up here in edmonton. i am soooo happy about this! i use to have to wait to travel or order online for everything. now its not over the top - but definitely much better!

    and the drinking age thing..... yup - a slight difference!

    anyone else?:shame:
  9. I'm a Canadian wannabe.

    But I have to live in the US for my work.

    So I live just below the border near Vancouver.

    I do my working in the US but I do my LIVING in Vancouver. I go every chance I get. Wonderful city!
  10. I'm not Canadian, but I live in Vancouver now, for school.
  11. I am Canadian!!! :yes: :nuts:

    lol...anyway...I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Calgary in 1994 when I was still a kid...I'd love to meet up for tea sometime! That would be lovely!
  12. Same as Karman :biggrin: in Calgary!!!..

    I'm Canadian too, but born in Taiwan moved here in 1993~~
  13. Also a Calgarian... born here, & lived here my whole life!
  14. I am Canadian too..born in Bogota, moved to Toronto in 2001.
    Currently residing in Caledon (about 30 min from Toronto) with my boyfriend and puppy.
    Tea sounds awesome!
  15. How did I miss this thread!

    Hi Everyone! Born & raised in Winnipeg. Moved to Lethbridge, Alberta in 1991. (Another hick town -- city now, like Medicine Hat). But now, I'm living in Calgary.