Calling all CAMERA BAG owners!! I need your expertise!

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  1. I am very interested in purchasing a camera reissue bag or even the cruise one, but I really wanted to know how it sits on the arms. I did numerous searches but I cannot find many modelling pictures.

    But from the only pictures I saw, the camera case seems to sit too high... meaning the chains aren't long enough, so it sits like wayyyy above the waist.... or does it??

    Does anyone have any modelling pictures of their camera cases that they'd like to share??? I'm sure me and the rest of the tPFers are dying to see more gorgeous pictures of classic Chanel pieces!!

    Any help is appreciated!! xoxoxo
  2. I couldn't find many pictures either. ^Thank you for that thread, that is helpful! Love the medium.
  3. Thanks for asking this! I love the camera case and am seriously considering the black with gold hardware one that Larkie is rocking in that picture
  4. The chain is shorter than I would like on the reissue camera bag, so I like to wear it with one strap. Larkie has some great modeling pics in the thread that NanamiRyu posted.
  5. I have grey SHW so I wear it frequently, but if U R tall like I am... chain is to short to wear it like 2.55 reissue! But it's my no1 model 4 day-night !
  6. [​IMG]

    ^Borrowed pic from eBay.

    I just picked up my navy camera bag today (with the CC closure). The chain drop is rather short, but I still love it. I would have preferred a longer strap drop, but it seems lately Chanel has been releasing bags with shorter chains...
  7. [edit] arg other pics aren't working
  8. I'm thinking about adding a camera case into my collection. For the classic, I've seen black, navy, beige and white before. Is there any other colours? For 2.55 case, I know there are grey, black, dark metallic silver, metallic black, metallic navy and the metallic pink. what other colours are available? Thanks!
  9. The 2.55 case also comes in beige :P