calling all caissa clutch owners, need your input!

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  1. can you please give me your thoughts on how heavy and/or uncomfortable this bag is to carry? does the chain strap hurt? i have never owned a bag with a chain shoulder strap ( chanel lovers, i know, horrifying, lol ) . one review also said it was heavy. i am worried about the combination of heavy and chain strap. please let me know what you think. thank you in advance : )
  2. I don't find it heavy but it probably depends what you put in it. I keep it light with just a mini Pochette, keys, compact, lipstick, tissue & sunglasses. I've used it while shopping at the mall for up to 6 - 7 hours & it felt fine worn cross-body. I also have the Pallas Chain so maybe my shoulders are conditioned to the chain straps.
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  3. anyone else???? bueller?????
  4. I'm very happy with my bag .I think it is elegant and so beautiful! It is not a heavy bag since it is small. I have leather bags that are heavier. However, after a while, the chain does hurt a little. Using the Speedy B strap does help a lot. I'm using both ways ( Speedy B strap and the chains). I love this bag and use it frequently.
  5. thank you for posting. i think the speedy b strap would be really helpful and have considered that as an option. good to know you are liking your bag. it's a beautiful style : )
  6. Any pictures with the speedy b strap please?
  7. This is a perfect casual "date" night bag when you do not need to carry a lot of things. I do not like the chain strap it tangles my hair so I do use an Ebene cross body strap. Much more comfortable with that. Yes it does become heavy after several hours but not enough to deter me from using the bag
  8. Sorry about the poor quality picture!

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  9. Thank you so much! She's lovely!

  10. Can you tell me the longest drop when worn single chain
  11. Approximately 50 cm.
  12. Can someone tell me which color will be better the RB or the cherry. Don't know which one to pick. Please help me decide thanks -
  13. I prefer the RB. :smile:
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