Calling all BV lovers in Singapore...

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  1. ... Takashimaya will be having its 10% off store-wide promotion for its members next Friday till Sunday. Here's the chance to grab a BV (or any other designer brands under the roof) for some much needed discount. This should help fray some of the price increase. :sweatdrop:

    Btw, the new stand-alone boutique in Paragon is slated to commence business on June 14. The Taka store will remain (where the end season sale would be held). :smile:
  2. Thanks Ms Piggy, did u say promotion this fri till Sunday but only for members? sigh, which means i can't get it:crybaby:
  3. Celia, I think you need to either show them the Taka member card during payment or charge your purchases to the Taka credit cards tied-up with banks. You could ask around your friends if they are members.
  4. is this the Takashimaya DBS credit card? if so, they should be sending out the flyers to their card members soon, eh?
  5. OIc....u mean as long using taka member card? i guess it shld be no problem...thanks again:heart::heart:
  6. Miss P, thanks for updating us on whatever information you can lay your hands on! Such a darling, you are!
  7. Wish I were there!!!
  8. My dear fellow ladies, the Singapore BV end season sale will commence 6 June (Wed) at the Takashimaya boutique. At this present moment, they’re not able to tell me what exactly is going on sale though (except for the greens and orangey-reds from 2006).
  9. Oooh... thank you so much for this information Ms Piggy.... do continue to let us know what's on sale .... I've actually set my eyes on a Ball or a Campana but DH didn't find the Limo Ball nice when I tried it on at the boutique last weekend! He didn't like it :crybaby: !!!
  10. You’re most welcome :smile: No fret, personally I do not like the shape of the Ball as well. I would agree with your DH too. I have a feeling the Campana is a better bet. How about an Ebano one?
  11. thanks for the info, do you know if there's any limo sloane bag there in the BV singapore store?
  12. They had but not sure if it's sold out as it was very popular. I'll give them a call later.
  13. Ms P, or any of Singapore TPF'ers - have you set your eyes on anything in particular for the forthcoming sale???

    Frankly, I don't really have anything in mind, nor have I seen anything that I would like to buy. Although I'm considering the Ball or a Campana, the Campana currently available in the store are in Black, Ebano and Brown (I think) and doubt these will carry a discount.... However, knowing that there's a sale and not buying seems such a waste !

    Hmmm... buying just for the sake of a sale? Would you?
  14. ^^ I’m too like you, nothing precise in mind but also feel it’s such a waste missing out on the sale. But I’ll be on a business trip to Tokyo next month, so might just hold out until then to see if I can find something special there.
  15. thank you. :heart: