Calling all BV Julie Lovers

  1. To those who have this bag - how do you like the shape and functionality ? Too long ? Can you carry this easily over the shoulders ?

    TIA !
  2. i had the first one they made in that violet/purple color and it was way too big for me (and i prefer large bags). it's very long and deep (which made it annoying to find things). it's one of those bags that might great on someone, just not me. there is a smaller size that i haven't tried.
  3. I was always worried that not only it is a large bag, but a heavy one. My experience with the large size Catalano leather Campana was the same- the woven version was light, the solid leather quite heavy.
  4. I tried one on @ NM and would have to agree with Marly about the weight. But mostly it was too long/large for me, otherwise it's a gorgeous bag!
  5. the weight is probably also due to the fact that it's deerskin, which is thicker and heavier than nappa.
  6. gingerale - I replied to your PM, but also just took out mine and played with it a bit more. It's still raining here, so I'm not taking it out just yet. Mine is the smaller Julie, and it's quite light. Not all that shoulder-friendly if you're wearing a coat, but I'm planning on just hand-carrying it anyway; as I'm concerned about colour transfer from my dark clothes. But if I wanted to put it over my shoulder minus the coat, it would be OK.
  7. Ooh, bete_noire, the smaller sounds nice, what color? Please post some "action" pics! :yes:
  8. ^^^It's Poudre, but in this house against our technicolor walls, it looks really grayed out. If the rain ever stops, I'll do an outdoor shot so the Poudre can look like itself!
  9. thanks everyone ! i've always liked the look at of the the julie on the bv website especially in the poudre colour. But never saw the actual size IRL. The model was also hand-carrying it and it looks so chic ! it's such a north-south bag that i'm not sure if it'll look too long being carried on the shoulders.
  10. bete noir - i've never seen the smaller julie - would love to see your pics when you can - thanks a million !
  11. gingerale - I PM'd you - will try to have those pics for you tonight! definitely tomorrow if the man gets home after dark and we can't do outdoor shots.
  12. Well, my sweetie's not home to take real pictures, but there was a brief sunny window of time between storms, so I wanted to take advantage of it and get some Julie shots for you.

    Poudre is a really elusive colour to capture, even if I did happen to possess photography skills (and the photos on the Matches web site depict it as more of a vibrant pink than it is IRL - it's a very muted, subtle, dusty lilac-pink). I put the taupe BV dust bag behind it to show the contrast, but it didn't really help. The bag looks longer in the first pic than it appears in reality; it's quite light and a very manageable size. It's only 1 inch higher than it is wide - of course the tapering makes it appear much longer.

    I hope the second pic gives an idea of how far down it comes on me - I'm 5'8" and it comes to the top of my hip. I'm wearing a very loose jacket whose sleeves take up some handle space, but it's still comfortable. So unless you're wearing a bulky winter coat, it should be fine over your shoulder. When hand-carried, the bottom of the bag falls to upper calf at my height.

    Apologies for the obscure window reflection shot - we're renovating and there's airborne drywall dust and other construction carnage in the bathrooms where the decently sized mirrors are located. I don't mind dusting myself off when I have to, but I'm paranoid about damaging the bag!

    The last 2 pics are indoor attempts that avoid the wall colours. Poudre doesn't look this anemic IRL!

    Small Julie Measurements:

    Height (without the handles): 15"
    Width (measured at widest part at bottom): 14"
    Handle drop: 6"
    Weight: approx. 1.5 lbs.

    The 15% Matches discount code is valid until the 20th, so hopefully this will help you make a decision before then.
    julie1.jpg juliereflection.jpg juliedoorhandle.jpg julieindoor.jpg
  13. That's a pretty bag. And such a nice girly color!
  14. thank u thank u bete noir ! it's a lovely bag and you are right the colour is really pretty IRL ! i think i'm now a converted julie fan !
  15. Thanks uclaboi and gingerale - This girly pink business is new to me, but I'm liking it.