Calling all British Diorlitas!

  1. Anyone been to the Harvey Nichols store prefaribly in Leeds?

    My lovely bf is going there tomorrow but we will only have an hour to talk, he needs to squeeze in Harvey and Louis Vuitton both in one hour. So I figure if I know what the Leeds Harvey has in stock, I could save him some time and have him go straight to the SA to ask for stuff. :biggrin:

    Any help much appreciated!!
  2. as far as i know, i *think* there's only dior in the selfridges at birmingham & manchester & london. and as for the other london branches, they are in sloane street and harrods.

    i'm not sure if that helps you some or if you're looking for other brands in harvey nics.
  3. I went...cant remember seeing any dior. Well apart from make-up and sunglasses. However its VERY close to Louis Vuitton so hopefully will fit time in.
  4. Yeah he called me after he had been there and said they didn't have many bags, just loads of perfumes and Chanel and Gucci bags. He got me a gorgeous goody from LV instead! :biggrin: :love:
  5. Are u sure Harvey Nicks in Leeds stocks Chanel bags, I really dont think so.
  6. Dunno about Leeds, but Harvey Nicks in London def doesn't have Chanel bags...Selfridges does though.
  7. he says they had a chanel section with handbags near it....
  8. Ooooo what goodie from LV would this be?
    Lv in leeds is teenie! Lovely SA's though.
  9. Yeah, he said the SAs were really nice! Refer to my sig as to what I got...Cannot WAIT till it gets here!! :drool:
  10. Pictures when it arrives please!!!