Calling all Boxers(dogs)

  1. Those who have boxers please post pics here,
    I will start her name is Frankie
    She is a year old and is a sweetie pie who can't give enough licks!:nuts:
    Photo 49.jpg Photo 46.jpg
  2. Frankie, you look like an absolute doll!!! We have a boxer named Duke. He was a mistreated, starving-to-death, 18 month old baby when we got him and look how gorgeous he is now!!!

    AND... he's the sweetest dog I've ever known. He adores my daughter and is so easy to train. He almost never barks and is happiest at your feet...well SITTING ON your feet actually!
    P1080514x.jpg P1080516x.jpg P1080520x.jpg
  3. Oh man am I loving this thread!!:nuts: Frankie and Duke are you 2 WAY ADORABLE!! Want a girl friend?? Her she is my 9 month old sweetheart boxer Masai.:heart:
    Ebay Pics 284.jpg
  4. Masai you are a beautiful young lady!!!

    And I love that boxer-doggie face .... Duke makes that face haha
  5. aww both of your dogs are too cute... i love duke he seems so sweet and i love the pic of masai in the glasses
  6. frankie and masai look a lot a like.
  7. Okay so is it just Duke or are these "boxer" things:

    1. He sits on our feet
    2. He has his very own teddy bear
    3. He makes very distinct "feed me" and "pet me" faces...he reallly gets distinct 'expressions' me includes wrinkling his forehead haha

    Maybe these are dog things haha I've always had lil girl wanted a dog and her short list included a boxer...we were lucky enough to have Duke join the family. My Hub always had Labs and he said none of them did these things. =)
  8. mine do all of those things she loves feet!
  9. I'm traveling out of town right now and my doggie photos are on the home computer. I'll post them when we get back home. I grew up with boxers and dh and I have had 7, the last 4 have been rescue dogs, 3 of them seniors.

    I love how they are so sensitive to how we're feeling, people-oriented, playful no matter how old they are--I could go on and on. I love their wrinkled foreheads and when they're happy how they wiggle into the kidney-bean shape. Nearly all of them seem to know how to be gentle around babies and small children, too. Our 75-pound dog was a complete gentleman around our toddler grandson during a recent visit!

    I love all your Boxers!!:smile:

  10. I died laughing when I read that... we call that "folding himself in half" whenever Duke walks toward us in that shape hahahahahahahaa

  11. Can I play? Daizy is a boxer mix - we got her as a pup, and she does a lot of the same things. She'll lick your toes, then sit on your feet! She thinks she's a lap dog!

  12. Daizy, you look so sharp in your shades!!!

  13. aww daizy you are a sweetheart
  14. Yeah, Daizy certainly belongs! Sit on your feet--I forgot about that one! Our dog climbs up in my lap--he's 75#--kind of large to be a lap dog, hehe.
  15. My boxer's name is Daisy, she's 1.5 years old and the biggest sweetheart there is. She loves chewing on toys, she can't get enough of it. We have to buy those heavy duty Kong toys because she'll rip a regular toy in half in about 30 seconds. She also loves sitting on feet, licking toes, and playing with my cats. Here she is:

    and her baby picture because it's so very cute!