Calling all Box owners....

  1. Anyone with small 28cm Sellier Kellys in Box who wouldn't mind talking about its pros and cons? I have only experience with larger Box bags and none are Sellier.....

    I don't even really know what questions I have......I'd just like to hear about your experiences with this size and construction Box Kelly.....:flowers:
  2. Thanks for this thread, Shopmom. I don't have any but would LOVE to have a 28cm Sellier Kelly in Box...:love:
  3. Hi Shopmom, I had a 28 cm rouge h sellier with gold kelly. used it once and I coud not take the struggle of getting in and out. it was to rigid, the folds that went in took alot fo space so I could not fit much in...made me nuts...that bag went back a few days later and got exchanged for a 32 retourne roughe h with gold...and now I love it!
  4. I love the size 28 cm kellies but the only Sellier I have is my togo Sellier Vert Anis Kelly. Atlhough structured, togo leather is more pliable so I don't have the same problems as Avandome mentioned in Box.
  5. shopmom, below is a picture of 2 of my sellier box calf Kelly's. Thalassa Blue is 28cm and Rouge H is 32cm.

    I am 5ft3" and I personally think 28cm is adequate for my use. Although 32cm is not that much larger in its internal space, because of its construction.

    Here are my personal reviews of a 28cm Box Calf Sellier Kelly. Very biased, i think :graucho:

    - Box Calf anything is beautiful (you already know this)
    - Box Calf sellier is a piece of art. It is harder for a craftsman to make a sellier, let alone sew a rigid leather like box calf
    - It's more elegant and definitely TDF when it develops it patina (I am still waiting for mine to show up)
    - perfect size for days when you don't need to carry too much.
    - easily transcends from day to night, especially if it is in a dark colour like black, chocolate ...
    - this will hold its shape FOREVER! (except if an elephant sits on it)

    - because of its sellier construction AND stiffer box calf > you can't load this baby up. It needs TLC. It is definitely not a "thrash-around" kind of Kelly. You are not likely to be able to transfer every bit of your stuff from your 30cm Ms Goldy to this 28cm Box Kelly.
    - You can't place the rainkit in the interior pocket without causing the back panel to bump up. That's a deformity I personally am not willing to suffer, so I just don't do it.
    - You will need practice, to open and close this Kelly with one hand. I am forever afraid of causing creases on the flap, so I will take my time to open and close gently. This one can't be hurried.
  6. ^^ My goodness me, those two kellies are making me drool!!! :drool:

  7. D I gotta agree with her on this. Your an on the go person, Sellier/Box is not for you if your on the go.
  8. Bagg, shopmom has a 28cm croc kelly, I call her the Queen. If the Queen is too elaborate to be taken out for a particular occasion, then a little Princess in box calf can take its place :graucho: :graucho:
  9. I scratched mines up in a week! BooHoo! She's hard headed!
  10. Shopmom I own a 28 and it is retourne. Personally, I think that is the way to go if you want to stay in the 28 family. I have seen pictures of your height and weight and you would be fine with it. It holds a tremendous amount comfortably with wiggle room. What I do like about it is it doesn't scream "evening" bag. It is elegant and can be used during the day and can move you right into evening if you wish.

    I truly can't think of any negatives...truly. Everything about that bag has been amazing. I especially feel that a 28 really is the "true" Kelly look. Sometimes when you go larger or change leathers it alters that perfect Kelly look a bit.

    As with Kellys...they take care to open them, but you already know this.

    You will not regret a 28 retourne...I know I would buy another one in a heartbeat and I am not as slim as you honey!

    What color are you thinking?
  11. I have a 28 sellier box Kelly and I find this baby holds a lot!
    If I pack cleverly I can even fit an issue of Vanity Fair in there plus my other nicknacks.
    It holds my wallet (full), my other wallet (also full), my cell phone, a digicam and other stuff.
    If I leave out the digicam (and the magazine of course), I can also fit my Karo GM in it with my other stuff.
    I don't find it hard to get in and out of at all, but then mine is preowned so already a bit 'broken in'.
    At 5'11" I am not exactly small yet this bag -IMO- is not too small for me, the sellier construction really makes a difference!
    Kelly holds stuff2.jpg Kelly going out for coffee.jpg Kelly holds stuff closed.jpg Kelly holds stuff.jpg
  12. ^^ OMG, C! Your black box sellier is so special! It has white contrast stitching! I don't know how you managed to squeeze that copy of Vanity Fair inside your kelly. Just looking at your photos makes me doubt that my thalassa blue 28cm is a twin of your black 28cm. I think my 28cm is anorexic!
  13. look at that stunner!!!!
  14. d, I PM'd you my thoughts on my 32. not a 28.

    hope it helps clearing your mind and hopefully make a decision soon!
  15. I love black Box Kellys!
    Thank you, everyone, for the eye candy!