CALLING ALL BOX EXPERTS [haha that sounds kinda funny]

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  1. Hi guys! It's been so long!! I hope everyone is well and collecting H fiendishly as ever! :yes:
    I'm taking a moment on my mini-vacation to ask about something i've been obsessing over and checking everywhere for:
    the vintage JIGE clutch! I found one that's really cute on eBay for a nice price. I've asked for more pics but the seller is just responding to me, not with pics though. my question to you Box experts is: how does this box look to you??
    eBay: Vintage HERMES Paris Black box Leather JIGE Clutch Bag (item 170076913733 end time Feb-07-07 21:08:03 PST)

    I've already asked in the authentication thread about its authenticity and someone who has purchased from them before says they are legit. i researched a little too and think that it is fine. i'm more concerned at this point about condition. what does it appear like to you? i thought Box was more rigid. doesn't this look softer? does that mean it is beaten up? obviously you can chime in about authenticity as that is crucial to me but i have a feeling all is well, so my real question here is to box experts regarding condition, so please take a look at the pics and let me know if the price is good in your opinion.
    please don't buy her from under me, i've been searching so long :sweatdrop:

    oh, here's what the seller said about the clutch:
    " Theres NO rips tears dryness or cracking if thats what your looking
    for.Creases are the wrinkles in the leather. Best Donald."
  2. erm .... am I the only one who thinks it's not genuine? Sorry, the patina just does not look right .... it's like it's too SHINY ..... Better to hear from the experts.
  3. Absolutely no expertise here, but in that pic it looks like the accent on the E is wrong. It should be the grave accent (run the other way). :confused1:
  4. oooooh, thanks guys! thank goodness you are here. something felt off but i thought it was the condition of the leather.
  5. Oh yes! Very sharp xquisite!
  6. Hi Croissant! Great to see you back!
  7. thank you, Rose :smile:
  8. I have bags bought from Hermes that the grave looks "off", or is even missing.
    I do think this bag is real, (not positive, of course.) It is from 1976. The leather looks too bent up for me.
  9. In this case here, the accent is the opposite way .... "/" and not "\".
  10. Although I am no expert on authenticity, i find it hard to believe that an Hermes bag would be made with an accent aigue rather than an accent grave. I have seen a stamp missing an accent, or one where it seems to be not quite centered over the "e" due to the grain of the leather -- but I highly doubt that they would use the wrong accent.

    Plus, it looks way too wrinkled up ...
  11. you guys are right. if there's so much doubt i'm totally gonna pass this one up. i want something where no one has a doubt or a question about it. i've just been searching and hoping :sad: anyone have a JIGE clutch they want to sell?! :smile: pm me!! haha:graucho:
  12. looked real enough to me, leather-wise. my one question mark was, why is it priced so low? lol then i looked closer at the made in france mark and... is it my imagination, or does it look like it says
  13. ^^ LOL! I had to go back to have a second look :roflmfao:
  14. but that's really how it looks... do you see it? or am i cracking up?
  15. Yes Yes! But not until you pointed it out, HH. :lol:
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