Calling all Box and Twiggy owners..... (YES YOU!!!)

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  1. Can any of you please post pics wearing them or just pics of them side by side? I want to compare how much smaller the box is. I can just never tell from the dimensions.

    ps. I'm 5ft 1in and 105... so if any petites can help me out here that would be so awesome!!!!!!!

    see... i wanted to try the box because I feel the twiggy might be too long against my stick figure (butt and booty-less) body type.... errr... maybe I should buy a padded butt bra to go with my next bbag purchase. hehe!!!
  2. I only have Twiggies but no pics with me at the moment. I'm actually currently just an hour drive away form you if you want to come up and see my Ice Blue Twiggy in person to compare it. I also have a couple of First and a Day with me too.
    I'm 5'2 and I weigh anything from 98-108 depending on if I'm working out, stressed, or eating to much junk :P
  3. your too funny tara... ^_^

    I have had a twiggy, but no box *_* can't compare for you... or my bootyless picture would be on in no time...
  4. ok, I'm 5'3" and about your weight. here's a pic of me with my box. I love the size. the twiggy felt too wide for me.

  5. I love the box too! I have one of each and love both, but will likely more readily buy another box before another twiggy.
  6. I love the Twiggy. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the style and size, but now I absolutely adore it and want it in every color if at all humanly possible. Here's a pic. I'm 5 '8 and weigh more than the Olsen twins- combined.:P
    Twiggy on me 001.jpg Twiggy on me 002.jpg
  7. LMAO--me too, sister! :roflmfao:

    As for the Box, it's too small for me personally. When I tried it on, I looked like I was holding a doll purse. I'm tallish and average weight (hee). I adore the Box when I see it on others but it didn't work for me.
  8. Ok, I'm 5 ft 0 inches and 100 lbs but I wear 3.5 to 4 inch heels all the time. Here I am with my Truffke Twiggy (weariing my heels). The width of the bag doesn't bother me at all...I also carry the Chloe Paddy Satchel and it's the same width. I adore the Twiggy! HTH!! :yes:

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  9. Sorry....that's Truffle....not Truffke! :P
  10. ^^ Love the truffle Twiggy. You wear it so well.
  11. deb, you're a doll. Fendih, you too. Both of you look so good and happy with your twiggies!
  12. I'm totally in the same situation!! I have tried the twiggy and something about it just wasn't doing it for me. It's not the width because I have a Part Time and don't mind the width. I have found the color I really wanted but have never tried on a box IRL. Someone please help me figure out the difference between Twiggy's and Box's!! Do they have the same capacity? Shoulder strap is longer on Box right? Any info much appreciated!!!:smile:
  13. i hope this helps you. i am 5'1" and 105lbs too. this is a twiggy. i really don't think you can go wrong with a box or a twiggy. good luck :heart: !

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  14. robotdoll: What color is your twiggy? It looks really nice.