Calling all Blue India owners!!

  1. Hi peoples,

    Am on the hunt for a beyootiful Blue India bag and want to ask you all what the leather is like on yours? I've read alot of feedback on this forum that says the 2006 leathers were of a inferior quality (but I'm so in love with this particular colour!!!), but then some say it depended if it was s/s or f/w??

    :confused1: So cONfuSed and would greatly love 2 hear from actual Blue India owners...was the leather thin, shiny, thick, veiny, smooshy???

    Thanking you all in advance guys! :flowers:
  2. Hello, I have a Blue India from 06 and the leather on it is yummy. Mine is on the thicker side with some veining and is very buttery. Some of the leather from 06 I have found is not as smushy as the 05 and more veiny but my Blue India is nice as well as an emerald Twiggy I have from that year.
    I read some great advice on here about the 06 to soften them up. IPut lovinmybags leather treatment for B bags on it them roll it up in the dustabg and store for a day or so. The leather will come out soft, supple and it works great.
  3. Although I sold my BI purse, it had leather that was gorgeous. The color was very even and there weren't any veins and it was nice and thick. I also had a BI box. The leather was a bit thinner on that one but not bad.
  4. I have two BI bags - a First and Weekender. The leather on both bags is FANTASTIC - smooth and thick, no distressing. The color is fabulous too - like shimmering clear water.

    BTW, that BI City in the eBay link IS authentic and the seller is a nice PFer. In the future, though, please post all authenticity questions in the "Authenticate This" sticky in the Bal shopping sub-forum. the ladies-n-gents will get to it much faster there.

    HTH :flowers:
  5. Thanx heaps Redney! That's going 2 really help me in deciding wether or not 2 go with BI...such a gorgeous looking colour - hopefully it looks close to what it appears in photos...:smile:
  6. I LOVE :heart: the leather on mine! Thick and distressed and the color is TDF!!! Here's my BI part time...

  7. I used to have a BI bag and the leather was gorgeous. Not close to 05 but definitely not the thin, marbley stuff they came out with on a few bags.
  8. Oh wow...your PT makes me want 2 grab it right off my computer screen...oh if only that were possible...

    Imagine all the bags I'd have!!!!! :p!!!!

    Thanx 4 the yummo pic...
  9. No, really Murphy66....I just don't think u have enough Bbags in ur collection there...:drool: How about just a few hundred more?? :graucho:
  10. [​IMG]

    BI is on the top right - always glad to pull this pic out lol! The leather is thick (thicker than my 05 even), w/no distressing, very smooth, how I like it!
  11. [​IMG]

    BI is on top, I don't have an individual pic, sorry!
  12. Oh BEAUTIFUL South of France!!!!!!!! Such a gorgeous bag...thank u so much for showing me....

    I'm looking at one on Ebay and waiting 4 the seller 2 send me a few more photos b4 I commit - fingers crossed!!! :sweatdrop:...