Calling all Blue India owners!

  1. I will be receiving my new '06 BI city sometime next week. and in the meantime would you gals post your BI collections? This will be my 1st blue bag and I can't hardly wait! Thanks!:tup:
  2. :whistle::whistle:Okay where's everyone? :p
  3. Blue India Day
  4. Lo...your BI day is GORGE :p
  5. [​IMG]

    BI City on the top right!
  6. My BI India first (I miss her! :crybaby:)
  7. BI day (no longer own) BI Part Time LOVE :yahoo:
    Blue India 018.jpg September 2007 042.jpg
  8. Girlie i love your BI PT. :nuts:It is gorgeous.:drool:
  9. Congratulations, Blue India is a fantastic colour! Very versatile!

    Here are two pictures, one with flash, one with natural light.

    I wish you well,

    BI Twiggy 02.jpg BI Twiggy 01.jpg
  10. Thanks ladies! What a gorgeous color!! :drool: I can't wait to get it!! It should be here on WED. I will post lots of pics. Keep it coming ladies!!
  11. wowza! what a collection! Beautiful!:tup::tup:
  12. This is TDF!:yes:
  13. Bridget,
    Your twiggy is soo pretty! I will be receiving my 1st twiggy hopefully on WED as well! it will be a sienna!:yes::tup:
  14. Purse-ooooh, both are delish! I'm so glad you kept your PT!;)
  15. Anna Jane,
    That a gorgy one. I'm sorry you miss her, but I bet there's plenty more where that came from.:yes: