Calling all Bleu Nuit Paddy owners!

  1. I just purchased one on eBay and posted it for authentication in the ATC thread. I just have one question, what color is the stitching on your bleu nuit? I've seen pictures where the stitching appears blue and others where it appears gray... Thanks for your help!:heart:
  2. Oh congrats bagatella!

    Here is KMSNYC'S bowler - it looks like it has light blue stitching.
  3. Thanks, bella! I wonder if it only looks blue in pictures, because mine is definitely gray. Did you take a look at it in the ATC thread? Has Chloe ever made any other blues besides bleu nuit?

  4. I haven't looked at the thread but will head over there now. As far as I know Chloe made a Bleu nuit in 05 and has reinvented it in 07, so those two bleu's will be different.
  5. Thanks, bella! I just read your response in ATC, and yes, it is an 07, so perhaps that's why the thread is gray...
  6. ^^ Yes definitely. The thread will change as will a few others things. The new bleu seems brighter too. Do you like it?
  7. ^^ I do like it! The bag is a bit smaller than I though it would be, but I love the color and the smooshy feel!
  8. It looks remarkably smooshy for an 07. Is it light (in weight)?
  9. ^^Yes, it is quite light! The tiny padlock probably has a lot to do with its light weight. My chocolate paddy is quite heavy in comparison.
  10. bagatella, mine is the 2005 bleu nuit and the stitching is light blue.
    Geez, i can't believe i have had it for over 2 years now... i'm still so in love with it!!! :girlsigh:

  11. My 05 has blue stitching.