Calling all BLEU NUIT Paddington Med Satchel Owners :-)

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  1. Hi there you LUCKY Ladies :yahoo:

    Could you please post the Number and color Number on your round tag?
    Like 6HS267-6H461
    (this is my latest 2-tone Tracy as an example).

    I will forever and ever be indebted to you :cutesy:

    TIA :balloon: :love: :happydance:
  2. I can't find my round tag, I might have thrown it away, but if u need any other info, let me know. Cristina, Sratsey, Hmwe --- I know definitely have blue nuit... maybe they can help.
  3. Thanks D & G, I went ahead and PM'd them :wlae:
  4. Oh dear, I can't find my round tag :shame: If I still have it, it's in a closet somewhere. I'll try to find it and post the number ASAP :yes:
  5. I just PM'd you with my tag info, but since it's a mini loaf I am not sure it would be the same :shrugs:
  6. Mine's a metallic bleu nuit - don't know if you still want it? Here it is anyway: 6HSA02-6H403. 758 is the next number down. Hope it helps.:yes:
  7. Yes this does help tremendously.
    Do you think metallic and non-metallic bleu nuit would have
    the same or different color numbers? :confused1:
  8. Hey Chicbags! The number on the tag from a metallic bleu nuit from the following completed listing on eBay matches exactly eddavhhr's tag number (even the 758 portion at the end).
    eBay: Authentic Chloe Paddington Blue Nuit Metallic Bag (item 160083959370 end time Feb-13-07 16:06:19 PST)
    This means that these numbers are uniform across bags and not serial numbers or anything of the sort. Since they seem to indicate style number rather than item number, my guess is that they are different for metallic and non-metallic bags. I will keep an eye out for you...
  9. Hi chicbags, ltns! I dont have a bn, but if i remember correctly metallic anthracite and non metallic anthracite had different numbers, i assume it would be the same for BN.
  10. hi

    this is a tag from a regular medium 05 bleu nuit paddy, hope this helps:smile:
  11. Where is the pictures of your bag girl!?!! :hrmm:
  12. Took the pics, but now my daughter lost the camera dock to transfer them to the computer...:rolleyes: :cursing: I'll post them somehow as soon as she finds it for me!
  13. When did you get the bag!!! I knew you were looking for it. :smile: