Calling all Beige Clair Owners!!


Jan 14, 2019
Hello ladies,

I searched the forum but wanted to know - how do you feel about the colour transfer for beige Clair caviar? My SA has a medium classic flap in beige clair and if I go for it, it will be my first light colour leather. I know caviar is also more finicky - but how much of a concern is colour transfer on this bag? I feel like I already know the answer, lol. I will make sure to wear light colour clothing, but wanted to know how everyone felt while they carry this colour. Are you constantly paranoid?

Essentially I'm worried that I bite the bullet and am too scared to wear it! Your opinions would be valued :flowers:

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Mar 29, 2008
Answer: YES, color transfer can occur with beige clair bags.

I had a beige clair jumbo that I recently replaced because of color transfer — yes, I actually bought another one as a result.

Beautiful bag….but it needs the proper diligence and care.


Dec 21, 2009
I’ve had the same exact bag for over a year. When I wear jeans, I double strap it so they two don’t touch, else I don’t think about it too much. Haven’t had any issues so far!
Jul 7, 2006
Vintage or older jeans that have been washed several times and are a light/medium wash, are those safe? I also have a beige clair and would die if it got color transfer, but also love me my jeans!


Mar 8, 2012
I just bought the exact bag today, finally. Have always been worried about color transfer as well so never wanted to spend $$$ for lighter colored Chanel bags. I started out buying black and navy and red Chanel bags only, since I had ruined Lanvin and Givenchy bags a few years ago inadvertently, one on the first day of wear. I have always loved white and light colored bags especially during the summer, but yes was way too scared to ruin them and having to be extra careful. It wasn’t until this year that I finally bought a few light bags… light pinks, beige, and white bags (lambskin pearl crush even) and now this one but yeah you have to be careful about color transfer. I do also seem to make sure my hands are clean when handling the bags, definitely more high maintenance. I will always be mindful of what I wear and have to be more careful, but it is definitely the price you have to pay for owning lighter bags. I do think the beige is not as bad as white though. :smile: